ENMU Graduate Working in High Cotton as CEO

ENMU Graduate Working in High Cotton as CEO


PYCO is a cottonseed processing cooperative serving cotton gins in West Texas.

“Cottonseed processing is like any other business; things constantly change,” Mr. Lacy explained. “We strive to be current with ideas and trends in order to better serve our members and be profitable.”

Mr. Lacy began at PYCO in 1990, after working in equipment and insurance sales and holding positions at Paymaster Oil Mill. He started at Paymaster working on the scales weighing trucks in 1984. He joined the sales department in 1986, where he worked at both Paymaster and PYCO until 1996.

Mr. Lacy was promoted to vice president of Marketing at PYCO in 1996 and held that position until 2002, when he was named senior vice president of Marketing.

As president and CEO, he oversees the operations of the cottonseed oil mill and the sales of the by-products. He also works with member cotton gins in acquiring cottonseed.

Mr. Lacy also serves on the Boards of the National Cotton Council, Triangle Service Cooperative, and Texas Agricultural Cooperative Council.

“I enjoy the people I get to work with every day,” said Mr. Lacy who grew up in West Texas, but graduated from high school at Texico, N.M.

Mr. Lacy originally wanted to attend Texas Tech University, but could not “afford the out-of-state tuition. ENMU was close to home, so I could come home and help on the farm when needed.”

Mr. Lacy started as a computer science major, but “did not think it was a good fit. Business looked like it would be a better direction for me, so I switched.

“The classes I took at ENMU in the business department for marketing, management and accounting prepared me for the real world and what I would need to succeed,” he explained.

As a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity, he held several offices, including Eminent Archon (president). He was on the Inter-Fraternity Council for a few years, serving as president in 1981, and participated in many intramural events.

He met Karyn McGuyer, his wife of 33 years, at ENMU in 1981. They have two children: Ryan, 26, who graduated from Texas Tech with a master’s degree and is currently working in the Lubbock area and Krysta, 20, a senior at Texas Tech who will graduate in May with a psychology degree.

Mr. Lacy enjoys playing golf, travelling and spending time with friends and family.

“As a student at ENMU, I had a goal of leading a big corporation as president,” said Mr. Lacy. “That goal has been met. Now, I strive to be the best leader I can be and continue to build the company into the best around.”