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Kathy Maddux
Kathy Maddux, a Greyhound Grad, recently became the master teacher at the ENMU Child Development Center.

Kathy Maddux, the master teacher at Eastern New Mexico University's Child Development Center, wants to be a positive influence on the lives of the children she teaches.

"I want them to be excited to come to school and to know that they can feel safe and secure when they are with me at the CDC," she explained. "I enjoy being around my young friends every day. I love their excitement and their laughter."

Kathy, who was promoted to master teacher after working as a lead teacher at the CDC, chose to work at ENMU because it was "exciting to have the opportunity to work with young children. I've always dreamed of being a teacher."

The master teacher was born in southern California. Her mother was a stay-at-home mom, and he father was in the Marine Corps. According to Kathy, the family moved around "quite a bit," going from California to North Carolina before finally settling in Albuquerque.

While in Albuquerque, Kathy worked as a store clerk for the TG&Y Variety Store and at Dillard's as a bridal consultant.

She also worked as a bridal consultant at Macy's in Deptford, New Jersey. She worked at Medquist Medical Transcription Company and John Paul II Catholic School in New Jersey, as well.

Kathy received her bachelor's degree in early childhood education from ENMU in May 2016. "I'm proud of going back to school as a non-traditional student and graduating summa cum laude," explained the Greyhound Grad, who is planning to attend graduate school to start working on her master's degree.

The Phi Beta Kappa Society member likes that ENMU is a "small and beautifully-maintained campus. The green lawns and trees add to the beauty of the campus. Plus, I always see someone that I know when I'm walking on campus."

Kathy enjoys spending time with her family, including two sisters who live in Albuquerque and work at private Catholic schools, one as a kindergarten teacher and one as a kindergarten teacher's assistant. She also likes spending time with her pets: two cats named Tommy and Roxy, a black lab named Buddy and a blue parakeet named Bluestone.

"I love to read, bowl and take my dog for walks," said Kathy, who is also a traveler. "I've done quite a bit of traveling around the United States but my most favorite vacation, so far, has been to Maui. I hope to travel to Europe in the future."