Greyhound Grad Helps High School Students Get an Early Start to College Education as ENMU Coordinator of Dual Enrollment and Continuing Education

Shaun Banther
Shaun Banther

Greyhound Grad Helps High School Students Get an Early Start to College Education as ENMU Coordinator of Dual Enrollment and Continuing Education

Shaun Banther, who graduated from Eastern New Mexico University with a bachelor's degree in communication with an emphasis in journalism in 2015, has returned to ENMU as the coordinator of dual enrollment and continuing education. He is in charge of enrolling high school students into dual enrollment courses and managing the non-credit courses that the University offers to the community.

He was drawn to the role because of the opportunity to aid high school students with getting an early start to their college education. "I have always had a desire to serve the community in whatever way possible. This position gives me the opportunity to do exactly that," he shared.

Shaun's main goals are to expand ENMU's dual enrollment and ensure students have the best connection to the resources needed to succeed. "For many dual enrollment students, dual credit is their first chance to experience college life. I want these students to know we have their futures in mind and that ENMU is focused on helping them excel," he said.

He shared that the most enjoyable part of the job has been connecting with his coworkers: "The work environment is always jovial, and the support from my team makes every day something to look forward to." He has always enjoyed the University's sense of community. "People here genuinely care," he added.

Shaun explained that making the transition from ENMU student to employee has provided him with "genuine perspective into the hard work and dedication it takes to support students in the best way possible. As an undergraduate, I never had the chance to see the scrupulous effort that is necessary for every department on campus."

The Greyhound Grad was born and raised in Portales with his two sisters. Both of his parents are employees at ENMU; his father, Troy, is a client support technician for Information Technology Services, and his mother, Vonnie, is a student success specialist for the Advising Center.

While attending ENMU, Shaun was a member of Kappa Sigma Fraternity and spent several years as a reporter for "The Chase," Eastern's student newspaper. He was recognized as an "Outstanding Student in Journalism" multiple times.

Before becoming the coordinator of dual enrollment and continuing education, Shaun worked as a 9-1-1 operator for the city of Portales for just over five years. He was recognized as top of his graduating class from dispatch academy. His dispatch team was commended by the city for their service during Winter Storm Goliath.

The Greyhound Grad's biggest role model is his great-grandfather. "He embodies every bit of dedication and hard work that can exist in a person. I've always admired his selflessness and sacrifice to help ensure the best life for his loved ones," he shared.

Shaun's hobbies include hiking, photography and spending time with his two dogs. His favorite place that he has traveled is the Trampas Lakes hiking trail in New Mexico.  He thought the scenery was beautiful and that the "challenge just adds to the reward of making it up that mountain."

An interesting fact about Shaun is that he has an affinity for hearing the stories of others. He is "never afraid to lend an ear, no matter the stranger."