Jonathan Elkins
Jonathan Elkins

Shawn Franken is a recruiter for Eastern New Mexico University, reaching out to Future Greyhounds from the Southwestern Region of New Mexico into the Texas Panhandle.

"My position entails communicating with schools, counselors, students and parents regarding the college admission process. I will visit specific schools and certain areas to attend college fairs and make other types of school visits," said Shawn, who meets with students for registration appointments, campus tours and any other recruitment event being held by ENMU.

He helps prospective students navigate the admissions process, ensuring all proper paperwork is received, as well as reviewing any opportunity for scholarships or other factors to aid in the college selection/admissions process–making it easy and simple to join the ENMU community.

Part of what drew Shawn to his position was his familiarity with the University and its Office of Enrollment Services. Shawn completed his undergraduate studies at Eastern, earning his Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a Minor in Religion.

Shawn was a President's Ambassador during his time as a student. This is where he learned how crucial recruitment and enrollment are in maintaining success as a university. "Helping prospective students understand the admission process and make an educated decision on their future and the future of their post-high school career seemed like a great way to help the youth as well as my alma mater," Shawn said.

The recruiter position has introduced him to a group of very accepting and supportive coworkers. "I was welcomed into the office with great enthusiasm and a sense of comradery. It makes it easy to come to work when you know you have the support of your peers," Shawn described.

Shawn hopes to focus his efforts on the smaller, more rural towns of both New Mexico and Texas in order to give students there every opportunity to become a part of ENMU. He wants to reach schools that "may not have a college and career advisor. The schools that may not have a college fair. The schools that take a week off for the county fair. Making sure to reach even the most rural areas can have an impact on this year any many to come for our enrollment."

Shawn was born in Tucumcari, New Mexico. His family moved to Portales when he was around a year old.

"My mother is an educational diagnostician at Portales Municipal Schools, and my father works in parts at a local car dealership," he shared. "Both my mother and father received their respective degrees from ENMU. My older brother received his degree from ENMU in business, and my older sister received hers in special education from ENMU, as well."

Shawn finds a great deal of motivation and inspiration in his parents: "My biggest role model would be my father. He's been through a lot in his life and has always perpetuated honesty, compassion and the spirit of youth. My mother's determination makes her my biggest influence. She is a go-getter who takes on so much and asks so little of others. She truly has a heart of gold."