Greyhound Grad Works with Infectious Diseases

Steven Bradfute

Greyhound Grad Works with Infectious Diseases

steven bradfute work 1Steven Bradfute graduated Eastern New Mexico University in the fall of 1998 with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology. He now works at the University of New Mexico Health Sciences as an associate professor studying infectious diseases. For example Steven studies Hantaviruses, Ebola virus, and has been working with Corona virus as well. Steven helps to find, "early stage research for vaccine development and drug development against these viruses." Steven was always interested in science, and while taking an Immunology class at ENMU he realized that he wanted continue doing research on how the immune system reacts to infections.

Steven is from Portales, New Mexico and went to a small private school called Faith Temple (now called Generations Academy). Once Steven graduated from high school he started taking classes at Eastern, he tried out a few majors but none of them stuck. He decided that he could go to law school with a degree in biology. So he started taking an Immunology class taught by Manuel Varela and, "really loved the work."  Steven decided that instead of going to law school after he got his degree in biology he would stick to pursuing a path in science. Steven explains, "The nice thing about biology is you get to experiment and get answers and actual facts… some other careers it’s not so clear." Bradfute explained that the most rewarding aspect of his job was being able to discover new things, "who knows what we might discover today?"

steven bradfute work 2When Steven attended Eastern he worked at the Campus Union Building and said, "It helped me come out of my shell and I got to know tons of people on campus." After attending Eastern, Steven went to Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas to receive his Ph.D. in Immunology as well as a postdoctoral fellowship in the U.S. army. Before moving back to New Mexico, Steven worked in Maryland where he was able to work in a biosafety lab with the highest containment level for working with pathogens. Steven, his wife Jennifer, and their two kids moved back to New Mexico to be closer to family. When Steven isn’t teaching or doing research, he is taking his daughter to dance classes and his son to his basketball games, or flag football games. Steven said, "Other than that, I really enjoy reading… But you know, I love hanging out with my wife and my kids."

Steven has achieved so much in the world of science as well as being a great husband and father. Eastern was close to home and was a great place for him to, "Become a lot more outgoing and less shy." Steven has been able to publish, "Over 80 manuscripts that were peer reviewed." As well had the honor to receive Junior Faculty Award Research, and the Best Mentor Award for graduate students at the University of New Mexico.