Alumni Success Stories - Stephanie McCorkle

Alumni Success Stories - Stephanie McCorkle

My name is Stephanie McCorkle I received my bachelor's in business and administration as well as my Master's in Education Administration. I currently work for National Geographic I am an operation event manager where I manage over 300 events across the country. I get to work with really awesome explorers, photographers, filmmakers you name it I get to work with them. I handle all the logistics for their shows.

Tell us about your family and background.

I was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The majority of my family is Educators so they work for Albuquerque Public Schools. I am kind of am the black sheep of the family that left the education world, but I really admire all of their hard work and how they were able to teach me transferable skills to bring to the business world.

What are your hobbies?

My hobbies are very similar to I guess my career as we talk about explorers and scientists. I love photography. I love drawing and the artsy world, but I'm also a data nerd so I enjoy digging into data what I can do with, it building data visuals. But I love hikes I feel like in the world of hospitality and tourism and entertainment it could get really loud with the amount of tourists that come to Orlando so I enjoy going away and being one with nature.

Why did you choose to attend ENMU?

I chose to attend ENMU because I had a track scholarship. I had the pleasure of running track until I got injured, however, I stayed attending ENMU just because I loved how small the school, how great the professors were and you were able to get that one-on-one attention that you don't really get from bigger D1 schools so it was really fun and I made lifelong friends who I still stay connected with that went to Eastern.

Why did you choose to study business?

I have always had a calling for business. I've always loved nature at one point I wanted to be a marine biologist, but me and the ocean don't get along. I always wanted to be in the business world and kind of conquer that space. There is not as many diverse people in Corporate America so it's always been my goal to kind of change that trajectory and move the needle as we see more young black women kind of change that environment. I wanted to kind of build that path for the Next Generation.

What do you hope to ultimately achieve in your career?

Ultimately I would love to achieve one following your dreams it's not easy to kind of pick up your life and leave. I didn't know anything about Florida until I moved here so following your dreams is so important it's a scary thing but it is the most rewarding thing you can do. Also following your passion and doing what you love. Sometimes we settle in a space that we think feels comfortable or kind of stepping outside of that and really loving what you're doing and if you don't love it what can you do to change that. I want people to kind of get that from me is follow your dreams follow your passions have fun doing it and if you don't like it build skills to figure out what you love.

What was your favorite part about being a Greyhound?

My favorite part about being a greyhound is being a part of a university that's just so special and so Niche. You have people from all over the world that come to the university and being a part of that being a part of the name Eastern New Mexico and telling people where it is telling people what the town is about and what the community is about. I'm glad I get to take that with me I'm glad I get to take the knowledge that I learned from the professors at the college of business with me so just being a part of that story and telling people along the way that there was this small little D2 school that I went to and I get to be a part of that Legacy.

Are you currently working on any academic projects or presentations?

I am not working on any projects however I'm kind of in this Amplified Discovery phase of my career. Learning new things that maybe you see in the market such as instructional design or ux design or anything like that so currently I'm just trying to maximize my skills in the data space. And kind of learning new systems new tools. I've been an analyst before so just kind of amplifying those skills with Tableau and new systems.

What was your favorite location on the ENMU campus?

My favorite place on campus would be the WOW, in the Campus Union Building. Those wings were so good really. They just put it in by the time I was like my junior senior year so I was always getting wings always getting a snack. Always sitting in the CUB outside waiting for my friends. I was also Miss Black ENMU so I got to walk around with my friend’s just eating chicken waiting for my next class so it was really cool.

What professors mentored you?

There were a lot of professors that contributed to where I am today and my success today. I would say the ones that mentored me the most would be Dr. Greene. He was my business law professor and kind of looking at things holistically but also in the sense of being illegal. You don't want to get in trouble with wherever you are, so kind of looking at how we avoid situations, how do we look at it in a different way how does that relate to the world but also in my own personal career and life how do we go about situations. I would say another one would be Dr. Hemley he was really hard with Finance but understanding that life is hard and as long as you keep going you can make it through and feeling that reward of it afterwards that you did it um and not giving up through that process so those two for sure were my biggest mentors my hardest mentors but I take it with me every day.

What was your favorite class at ENMU?

My favorite class at ENMU was probably art. Since art and drawing is my hobby it was nice to kind of step away from the business space and step away from sports. And just draw just be in touch with my creative side and also getting to know other people who are either Art majors or just Art minors. But just drawing different things getting used to different textures different colors which I actually use today in my space of operations and analytics having that eye having that artsy side and that creative side so my favorite hobby for sure and my favorite class was art.

What other dreams do you have?

My dream for sure is to be an executive. I really want to create a space for people that are inspired by my story and motivated by my story to kind of walk the same path or a similar path. Just me opening up doors either through mentorship or networking anything that I can do to help the next person. I really aspire to be an executive so that I can bring up people with me. I want to be in the business strategy business intelligence space so really just working on my skills to build me up to that, but I hope and dream that I can give back through my career or personally um in a big way.

What advice would you give to students pursuing a career in operation event management?

The advice that I would give is always learn something new you never know where it's going to take you. It may not make sense at the time but I've learned that everything in life that you learn is another tool for your toolbox. Being able to use those tools throughout your career, throughout your life will guide you on your path of purpose, guide you on your path of your dreams. Always adding to your toolbox and cherish that making sure that you surround yourself by people who have similar dreams, similar purposes who are driven. Who can bounce ideas off of you and be those thought partners for you. Just always making sure that you add to your toolbox.