Alumni Success Story - Taylor Rahn

Taylor Rahn riding horse

Alumni Success Story - Taylor Rahn

Taylor Rahn graduated from Eastern New Mexico University in 2010. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and a minor in legal studies. Basketball and green chili runs through her veins. Growing up in Albuquerque Taylor explained that even though she was from a larger city she was intimidated to attend a larger school and Eastern seemed like a perfect fit. She was recruited to play Basketball for ENMU, "The campus stood out to me and I really liked the small-town feel." While in Portales, NM she enjoyed the people that she met and the town itself. Taylor graduated Summa Cum Laude and was on the Dean’s list every semester she attended Eastern.

taylor rahn 2Taylor had always wanted to be a lawyer; specifically, she wanted to work in criminal law. "I found my criminal justice degree to be a good basis for everything that I did in law school," Taylor explained. Taylor started her legal career at Robles, Rael & Anaya where she worked as a term clerk. Once she graduated with her law degree she went back to Robles, Rael & Anaya where she now works as an associate attorney. An associate attorney helps senior partners in the law firm with legal counsel and provides legal research that will appear in court.

Taylor enjoys working on cases that are unique and long-standing; one of the oldest cases she is currently working on is from 1977. This specific case is an institutional reform case. Institutional reform cases are periodically reviewed and sometimes the opinions are rewritten, so that they continue to respect human rights and make sure that law is being respected.   "I have a goal of winding down institutional reform cases," Taylor commented. Taylor is extremely happy with her career and hopes that as her children get older they will live a life that makes them happy. When Taylor isn’t working she is doing competitive show jumping with her eight horses.

"I am really happy with my college experience," Taylor commented. After graduating from Eastern Taylor went to law school at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, New Mexico. ENMU was able to give Taylor a solid basis to pursue her dream of becoming a lawyer while allowing her to grow and learn about what she enjoyed in a close-knit community.