Alumni Success Stories - Hannah Floyd

Hannah Floyd

Alumni Success Stories - Hannah Floyd

Hannah Floyd graduated from Eastern New Mexico University in 2018 with a master’s in Communicative Disorders. Hannah enjoyed the rural community in Portales, New Mexico, and found a sense of community during her time at Eastern. Floyd is currently a speech pathologist in California and helps people learn how to speak and eat again. "Helping people get off feeding tubes is one of the most rewarding parts of my career," Floyd said.

hannah floyd bookFloyd loves sharing food, encouraging others, and building the community that surrounds food. Hannah believes that food isn’t made just to survive, it’s meant to bring people together. Cooking and baking are hobbies that Hannah enjoys thoroughly; she wrote and published her first cookbook in 2022 called "Tastes Like Schitt." She has goals to write and publish more cookbooks in the future. Food is one of Hannah’s biggest passions and being able to help other people enjoy eating again is a really big part of that. 

Hannah was encouraged to go into Communicative Disorders while nannying for a child born with a cleft lip and palate. Hannah attended Portland State University in Portland, Oregon, for her undergraduate degree in Speech Pathology. Immediately after receiving her undergraduate degree Hannah moved to Portales to start her master’s at Eastern. Floyd is a brain injury specialist and is currently working on becoming a certified brain injury specialist trainer. "Don’t ever assume you are done learning in this field," Floyd said. Hannah teaches at a local hospital in California and has lectured at ENMU since her graduation. She has a long-term goal to come back and teach at Eastern.

"I credit Eastern… for making me continuously strive to be better and embrace the unknown," she said. Hannah was able to succeed in her professional career as a speech pathologist and also explore other interests she had, such as writing and cooking. Hannah enjoyed the comfort she found at ENMU. "It felt good to feel like, for a short time, I was part of the community in Portales," she said.