Alumni Success - Ed Sandoval

Ed Sandoval

Alumni Success - Ed Sandoval

Ed Sandoval is no stranger to the beautiful state of New Mexico. He has lived here for most of his life and is now one of the most well-known artists in New Mexico. Sandoval was born in Nambe, New Mexico and spent most of his childhood outside. When he was in first grade he was run over by a car and bedridden for the rest of that year. While bedridden Sandoval started passing the time by drawing and, "From that moment on I was hooked," he said.

ed sandoval arroyo in hondoSandoval's father worked on the Manhattan project in Los Alamos, New Mexico, so much of his childhood was split between Nambe and Los Alamos. He graduated from Los Alamos High School and after living in LA for a while he enrolled in college. Sandoval graduated from Easten New Mexico University in 1970 with his Bachelor of Arts in Art Education. He has since become one of the most renowned artists in New Mexico.

He was drawn to the art department at ENMU and quickly found his home in the classrooms and art studios. After graduating from ENMU Sandoval moved and taught art in Utah at the University of Utah before deciding it was time to return to New Mexico.

Many of his paintings are inspired by his time growing up in New Mexico, they feature glowing red and yellow sunsets, old pueblos, mountains, and a character he created called "El Viejito." Sandoval currently lives in Taos, New Mexico where he spends most days outside painting. When he is not painting, he enjoys traveling around other areas of the state to see the different landscapes that New Mexico has to offer. His travels help inspire him for future pieces.

Sandoval owns an art gallery in Taos that just celebrated its 30-year anniversary. He has a deep history with New Mexico as well as a great love for the state and in his paintings, he conveys his love and respect through his work. Sandoval is an active community member in Taos and enjoys being a part of the city. He will often do live painting shows in the square and travels to Santa Fe to host art receptions.

For more information on Sandoval's work, visit his gallery webpage.

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