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Eric Robinson talks about why living in the dorms is a great opportunity.
Eric Robinson talks about why living in the dorms is a great opportunity.

I’ll be the first one to admit that I got out of the dorms as soon as possible. Having the dorm inspections, roommates and quiet hours seemed like living with mom and dad all over again. I jumped ship as soon as possible.

So how am I qualified to tell you to stay in the dorms for as long as possible? Because I miss it. Because I was you once. Because I didn’t realize it at the time, but the dorms were the best experience I would have in college.

Here are my five reasons why you should stay in the dorms and not rush into off-campus life:

    1. Meal Plans

You’ll never really know how much you miss having meals made and ready for you until you don’t. Of course, you can always get a commuter plan, but it’s not the same as having unlimited swipes to go into the cafeteria anytime you want. If your friends are there, swipe, if you simply want some coffee, swipe, if you need a snack but don’t want to spend flex dollars, just swipe that card and you can get any food you want. When you have a commuter plan, you must carefully ration those swipes. It’s no longer free reign over the campus dining options. That, I certainly miss.

    1. Walking to Class

I’m just as lazy as any other college student. But let’s be real, walking to class makes you appreciate campus a little more and it’s an effective way to work off that freshman 15. Plus, when you live on campus, you could wake up 10 minutes before you class and still make it on time (just make sure you shower the night before).

    1. Dorm Programs

No matter how corny some of the dorm programs seem, you will never again have a night each week where all your friends come in their pajamas to play board games or make crafts. Sure, when you live off campus, you can have parties and invite friends over for activities. However, you’ll never feel as comfortable as you do in the dorms. Plus, inviting people over means you should clean, cook and find things for people to do. Who wants to entertain guests when you can all be entertained by the RAs?

    1. Friends

We all make a group of friends when we first come to college. Most, if not all, of them live in the dorms with you. It’s sad to say, but there will never be another time when you live steps away from 20 of your closest friends. After the dorms, you have to get dressed and drive places to see people. Why would you ever want to let go of such a luxury?

  1. Study Sessions

This one isn’t as fun as the rest, but is something I didn’t realize I had until it was gone. Basically, my grades were never as good as they were in the dorms once I left. I always tried to figure out why, then I realized it was the people. I was surrounded by people who wanted to see me succeed and people who wanted to succeed with me. The people I lived with in the dorms were the biggest support group I ever had. I always had one person staying up late with me, pushing me to finish that essay or study for that exam the next day.

These are the reasons why I miss the dorms and why I think you should think twice about moving out. Of course, some of us simply can’t afford to live in the dorms all four years, but if you can, maybe you shouldn’t let that go just yet. If not for the friends and experience ... do it for the food!

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