#GreyhoundGrads Found Love at ENMU

#GreyhoundGrads Found Love at ENMU

Cecil, from Lynchburg, Virginia (where the couple currently lives), graduated with a bachelor's in 1988. He double majored in sociology and communications with an emphasis in criminal justice.

They met in August 1983. Denise was sitting on a blanket between Bernalillo and Lincoln Hall with a friend. Cecil came over, sat down between them, introduced himself and asked for Denise's number.

"We had a good time at ENMU. We attended basketball games, dances, concerts and Phi Psi Phandango," they explained. "We went to frat parties, house parties, Allsups, the CUB and the game room to play Ms. Pac-Man and pinball."

They advised students dating at Eastern to "take advantage of free opportunities: shows, basketball games, football games, theater; if possible, leave Portales for day trips to Clovis, Roswell, or even Lubbock."

The couple, who got engaged in 1989, said the best part of dating at ENMU was "having someone to hang out with."

Cecil is currently a safety manager for Job Corps and Denise is program coordinator for the Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance.

Cecil, an All-American Football player, played professional football with the Washington Redskins.

Denise has earned her Tourism Marketing Professional designation and Certified Sports Event Executive designation.

They have "two awesome children: Erika, a senior at Liberty University, where she is a heptathlete, and Joseph, who graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 2014 and is currently training to be a Naval aviator."

The couple took a 25th wedding anniversary cruise on the same ship and same route they went on for their honeymoon.

They also attended the last home Eastern football game played at Blackwater Draw last October.

Their favorite hobbies are fishing, tennis, camping, traveling and attending their kids' events and activities.

The couple's goals are to own a vacation home on the water and retire early.