ENMU Student Body President Shares Opinion on Graduating

ENMU Student Body President Shares Opinion on Graduating

"Some days I'm excited, some days I'm sad, some days it's a whole mixture of feelings," said the Phoenix native.

She will be graduate from Eastern New Mexico University this May, with a bachelor's degree in communications emphasis of public relations.

When she first attended Eastern she wanted to major in nursing. That changed after she discovered public relations.

She decided to pursue something she enjoyed and was good at.

Her experience at ENMU has been incredible. She has met many amazing people and participated in events that have made her life more exciting.

"Eastern is an incredible place. It is a university that accepts you for who and what you are and gives you a chance," said Ms. Pittman.

During her time as an Eastern student, she enjoyed many hobbies including hanging out with her friends "without a care in the world", working out, watching movies and the occasional shopping spree.Halle Pittman

Her favorite memory of ENMU is being student body president. She learned a lot during her time as president and it has helped grow.

"However, there have been many moments and memories shared here that I am fond of. I could go on forever about them.

"You grow up with these people and see them almost every day and then one day, it's just all over. You're supposed to be okay with that," said Ms. Pittman

She is excited to be done with homework forever and is happy to graduate. However, she is a little unsure of how to deal with the emotions she is experiencing.

She is thankful for her savior (mom), advisor/mentor Draco Miller, Campus Life family and friends.

Ms. Pittman will be moving to Clovis, after she graduates to take on the job of an Event Manager at the Clovis Civic Center.

"Coming to Eastern was the best choice I could have ever made and I am extremely grateful for all of the opportunities I was able to take advantage of. I have made incredible friends, met amazing people, and have had the best professors and advisors," said Ms. Pittman.

"I found myself along the way. It is sad to leave but I am excited to move on because Eastern has made me unafraid of the ‘real world.'"