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Jena Slater
Jena Slater, a senior at ENMU, gives advice to her freshman self.

I wish I could tell you that this first year seems like it’s going to be the hardest. For me, it turns out this year is actually a piece of cake in comparison to my sophomore and junior year. I wish I could go back and realize that getting a B in one of my communications classes will not kill me. Instead, it helped me strive to work even harder to either get a higher B or shoot for all As, even if this goal did fall through a few times.

I wish I could tell you to talk to your professors more if you did not understand something. They cannot help you if they do not know what’s going on. If you talk to them when you misunderstand a question or an assignment, they could repost the guidelines and expectations of the assignment to help other students who may have the same question.   

The transition between moving out of our parents’ house and driving for three hours does get easier. Time flies by way faster than you could ever think it will. A couple weeks into summer, you will miss the friends you only get to see when classes are in session. With today’s technology, we can stay connected with our friends by using FaceTime and or by talking to them over the phone. 

If you start feeling sick and you do not start feeling better in two or three days, go to the doctor even if it will cost money. It may get considerably worse before it is all said and done. I have "been there and done that" and it only makes classes seem that much harder. Just remember to get a doctor’s note for all your classes you end up missing for appointments. Your professors will work with you if they know, but you cannot expect them to read your mind.

Time management will become your best friend once you start taking upper-division courses. Time management is always a good thing. Start preparing yourself now rather than waiting until your junior or senior year. Try not to procrastinate, especially with major assignments. Don’t wait until the day they are due or a few hours before. This will just make both your assignment seem way harder than it should be.

Find a study buddy who does not mind going to the library for various amounts of time just to work on homework. Studying with a buddy can take some of the stress away and make it seem a little bit easier.

Remember to make time to have fun, whether you are going to an ASAB activity or hanging out with your friends. Life is too short for continuously having to adult and doing homework all the time.

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