Mark Mechenbier
Mark Mechenbier shares why he chose to the PFP program at ENMU.

My major is business administration, and my focus is on personal financial planning (PFP). I am close to retirement age. I was inspired to become a "more mature returning student" after I read an article in the Albuquerque Journal while visiting family in May 2016. The article mentioned ENMU's PFP program and, since I've always been interested in financial planning, it captured my attention. Not knowing what to expect from online classes and the time commitment involved, I decided to wait until the fall semester, instead of starting in the summer. 

Currently, I am taking my third class and wondering if an 8-week course is really better for me, rather than a 16-week course. I work for a local utility company, and my job entails traveling out of town. I'm beginning to realize that 16 weeks gave me more time to complete my coursework. Time will tell, or rather, my semester grade will indicate if an 8-week course, works with my schedule or not.

I am grateful to my instructor, Nhat Ho. He has helped me immensely through this transition over to online classes.  

As a native New Mexican, I grew up in Albuquerque and attended NMSU and received a degree in mechanical engineering. Unable to find employment in New Mexico, I ended up in Amarillo, Texas. I have been working almost 36 years with the same company. 

I have been married for 35 years. Our two daughters are married and live in Amarillo, as well.

For the past three years, I have volunteered as a loan executive with our local United Way. I believe we need to advocate, volunteer and donate our time, talent and money, to bring about a stronger community. Making that investment into my community is extremely important to me.

I belong to BetterInvesting, which is a nonprofit organization that helps others learn about investing. Currently, I am president of the West Texas Chapter of BetterInvesting, which covers the Panhandle, the Plains of Texas, as well as the eastern side of New Mexico. My studies at ENMU will help me with this, as well as future endeavors.