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David Aguirre With His Camera
David Aguirre, a senior at ENMU, gives advice to his freshman self.

Embrace the College Years

I would tell my freshman self to embrace the college years. There is no other time in my life that I will be able to embrace my youth and enjoy the company of friends in a college setting. I can grow as a person and become who I decide to be. Cherish the moments of late nights hanging out with friends in the dorms. Treasure the opportunity of not worrying about crazy bills or about making my next meal when I can rely on the meal plan. Embrace the college years; there is nothing like it!

Choose Wisely

I would tell my freshman self to choose my courses wisely. I wish I wouldn't have spent all my time taking classes that didn't go towards my degree. Right now, I am trying to figure out my schedule for this semester, and I am stressed out because I have to plan my schedule and make up for lost time. And with that, I also believe that if anyone is trying to fill their hours, I recommend taking physical health classes or anything that will improve your skills. I enjoyed taking courses like "Weight Training," "University Singers," "Voice" and "Dance." These were stress-relieving courses that helped me to be active.

Branch Out

I would tell my freshman self to branch out and make new friends. As I mentioned before, the college life is a once in lifetime experience. It's a time and place that I can make new friends and improve my social skills. I met many people my first year, but I chose my friends wisely. I didn't want to be around the wrong crowd. I would also say to leave the dorm room once I a while. It's very easy to be secluded and be antisocial, but that almost defeats the purpose of the college experience. It's worth meeting people and branching out.

Stay Busy

I would tell my freshman self to stay busy. I learned during my first year of college that I had a vast amount of free time. Nobody ever told me when I came to college how much free time I was going to have. I encourage anyone who has a bunch of time within their schedule to apply for jobs on campus, be involved with extracurricular activities, and join clubs or groups. My first semester was a wreck because after each class I went to my dorm, took a three-hour nap, woke up and went to my next class. After all my classes were done, I would stay up until one or two in the morning to hang out with my friends and do homework. Now looking back, I realize that I did not implement structure and discipline in my life. Once I got a job my second semester and added more hours to my schedule, everything began to fit into place. Once I stayed busy, I balanced out my day and still had just enough relaxation time and study time.

Focus vs. Fun

I would tell my freshman self to stay focused on my education but still have fun. There is nothing wrong with enjoying school. Some people think it's a drag to go to class or throw a fit when a big project comes up, but I remember the moment when I felt ambition. I told myself that I would be the best that I can be and love the moment of learning something new in my classes. I would encourage myself to develop a love/hate relationship with school, without leaving the love part out of the equation. Focus should be equally balanced with fun; they should never be separate or be competing against one another. I guarantee you, schoolwork will become easier for you if you enjoy it more.