Shoes and Ground
Stress got you feeling down? Pick your head up with these tips from ENMU student David Aguirre on how to cope with stress.

There is always a moment in the semester when school can be overwhelming. There are so many assignments, exams, projects and presentations that surround us; it can be hectic. In the past, I have experienced stress to the point of losing sleep and my appetite. I want to help you avoid these experiences. If you are struggling to get back on your feet, here are some steps to follow:

Step One: Quit Worrying

One method that helps me to cope with stress is to examine myself. Analyze yourself to find out what is the source of stress is occurring in your life. What I found in the past when I examined myself was that it wasn't so much my homework that was due or other obligations, it was because I worry too much. It's not even my upcoming exams or presentations; it's more along the lines of a state of panic. My worry is what holds me back at times and paralyzes my work ethic. I tend to focus on the stress instead of the responsibilities itself. Find the source of stress and quit worrying.

Step Two: Make a Decision

This where the decision of fight or flight happens. Stress is meant to be a natural motivation in your life, use it as such. Use that energy to finish what you need to accomplish. There are times during the semester where I run away from my assignments because I stress over them, but that only makes the situation more difficult. Confront your stress and decide to be diligent in your work. Make a decision that will help you, not pull you down.

Step Three: Relax

Lastly, the number one tactic to fight stress is to relax. Find ways in your schedule to take a break and enjoy yourself. This doesn't mean to get into the habit of being lazy; it's more like taking a breather from school. Some ways you can do that is by doing what you love the most. I have some friends that go to the Max Pac to exercise because it relieves their stress. I have other friends that play instruments and some who like to hang out with their friends. Do things that will allow you to step back and enjoy the ride.