My Eastern Experience: Kelsey Prince

Kelsey Prince
Kelsey Prince discusses her Eastern Experience. Photo by Donna Privett.

My Eastern Experience: Kelsey Prince

ENMU is home for me, literally. I remember being a part of the Lil' Hound Pound as a kid, going to games and even taking dance classes. Growing up I honestly never intended to go to school here; most of the time we want to spread our wings a fly out of the nest as adults. Yet, here I am, going into my final semester as a Greyhound.

College can be a satisfying or torturous experience depending on how a person manages time, stress and relationships with others. Being a procrastinator in college is not a recommended route to take. As I cram out my final projects, I can only wish I would have taken the time to do them sooner, instead of struggling through sickness at the last minute. The stress in college will teach you a lot about how to deal with stress in the real world. As if we will be able to say, "Well, I made it through college, this will be cake." Eastern is such a small school; it is easy for anyone to make friends. Professors generally seem to really care about student success. At ENMU, we are like a family.

I changed my major a total of three times, including a switch to another school and back. I dabbled in medicine, and finally chose communications and business to be my emphases with a bachelor's degree in University Studies. This was the best decision for me so that I could graduate within a reasonable amount of time. Switching back and forth caused me to lose a lot of credits and time. I am content with my selected major and will be relieved to close this chapter.

Extracurriculars can take a toll on a college student. Throughout my college career, I had at least two jobs at a time, anchored for KENW, danced for the Spirit Squad and, more recently, competed in pageants. If you can, get work study.

I have danced my entire life and was really grateful for the experience of performing with the Spirit Squad. Although I never cheered before joining the team, halftime performances made the new experience well worth it. Being able to promote myself as a dancer really opened doors for me, and I recently opened a dance studio here in Portales. My business emphasis has benefitted me through the struggles of opening a small business.

Eastern has set me up for success in my life, even though it took me down a different path than I expected. I am hopeful for my future, and as long as graduate student taxes are not completely soiled in the future, I may return for a second degree. Until then, I will seek out dance teacher certifications online which taking online classes at Eastern has really taught me time management for. It is always a great day to be a Greyhound, Green and Silver reign forever. See you in May, graduation stage!