New Year, New Me: Tips for Taking on a New Year's Resolution

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Greyhounds can look forward to trying out these New Year’s resolution tips from David Aguirre, an ENMU student.

New Year, New Me: Tips for Taking on a New Year's Resolution

Like most New Year's resolutions, there are specific things that we would like to change about ourselves mainly because the media encourages us to do so. We then fall into a guilty conscious when we fail to do the things we are obligated to do because we set very high standards for ourselves. I am here to tell you my solution to the problem because I have fallen there many times.

I encourage anyone, especially my fellow Greyhounds, to blot out the pressures of the world and tune in to your innermost being. If you want to healthier for the sake of your health, then pursue that. Or if you would like to get rid of bad habits like procrastination, then take steps to accomplish your goal. Start thinking towards things that you want, not what social media fashions you to be. 

Change Your Mindset

It all starts with your way of thinking. Author Napoleon Hill said, "Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve." If you can begin by changing your mindset into more positive thinking, the more satisfactory your results will be. There are many personal goals for the New Year, and as a student, you would like to do better than you did last semester. Begin by brainstorming what you would like to achieve and believe in yourself. Overcome in the mind first to make a real change.

Fall in Love with New Things

Try new things. Don't sit in your living room and be a lazy couch potato. Learn new things. Develop new skills and build a habit to try something different. Learn to cook, learn an instrument, meet new friends, create new habits, read a new book, etc. This might sound weird, but if your New Year's resolution as a student is to get better grades, then the solution is simple. Study. In fact, fall in love with studying. Enjoy the feeling of succeeding in your classes.

Find Joy in the Growing Process

New Year's resolutions are based on goals. Most people forget that the process of achieving goals comes with a price. That is called hardship. What does hardship do? Hardship produces character, and character produces change. Building habits and getting rid of old habits takes time. What I mean is that course of time as you develop as a person or better student, means you are becoming a newer version of yourself.

Enjoy the Things You Love the Most

We often forget to love what we love. We know that we love it, but we don't spend quality time enjoying it mostly because we don't make time or because we would rather sit on the couch and watch television. Get back into it. Enjoy the sensation of a new year and a fresh start. There is no shame in starting again. Enjoy being a college student and appreciate the time that you spend learning about what your career will be in the future.