The Greyhound Life: What it Means to Be a Greyhound

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What does it mean to be a Greyhound? ENMU student David Aguirre shares his thoughts.

The Greyhound Life: What it Means to Be a Greyhound

I have been involved with the ENMU family for about four years now and let me tell you it's been a great experience. I have felt so welcomed and wanted within the school that I feel the urge to give back.

There is so much that Eastern offers: an excellent educational experience, a small, friendly community and opportunities to make a difference. Once I understood what ENMU stood for and how it has impacting its students and equipping them for the world, I began to realize that I was all about that Greyhound life.

Being a Greyhound doesn't just mean I attend football games or other events happening on campus or the fact that I like the color green; it means I am proud to represent Eastern for what it is. When I first came to the University, I started a new chapter in my life. I was excited to grow as an individual and find a career choice that I could be passionate about. I was excited to meet new people and find new friends. My experience at Eastern has been a memorable chapter in my life. I experienced a lot of laughs, many restless nights of doing homework and the enjoyment of pursuing my degree.

I believe that Eastern provides a stepping stone in my life. It pushes me to achieve realistic goals. It helps me take a step forward into new opportunities and allows me to network with other individuals and build connections with them.

Although ENMU might be a small school compared to others in the state, I believe it provides exactly what I need to succeed. I am able to get one-on-one with professors, its affordability with tuition is awesome and the fact that there so man alums that give back to the Greyhound community is incredible.

Being a Greyhound is a way of life here in Portales. It's where we all are proud of our University colors. I am grateful to be involved with this community; it has changed my life for the better. #GreyhoundLife