4 Ways to Treat Yo Self in College

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Carley Graham, an ENMU student, shares how to step away from stress and focus on yourself during college.

4 Ways to Treat Yo Self in College

At this time in the semester, I feel like it is really easy for school, work and other obligations to get the best of you. Finals start soon, and chances are you are feeling done emotionally, physically, etc.  Throughout my several years in college, I can definitely relate to this feeling. But, I can also tell you another thing I learned in college: Make time for yourself. If you don't make time for yourself, who will?  I've come up with a few things that have helped me throughout my undergraduate and graduate career:

1. Make time to work out. I found that working out is such a release from school and other responsibilities. Even if you are not a fan of going to the gym, just going outside and taking a walk can make a big difference in stress release. I always dedicate time to work out because it's refreshing to know that when I am working out, that time is all about me. That time I fully focus on myself, and not my school work and other to-do tasks.

2. Make time to hang out with friends/family. This is super important. Life is all about your relationships with others. I know sometimes it's easy to get overwhelmed with work and school but make that time to spend time with the people you care about. Not to get super cheesy, but you will never get back time to spend with family members and friends. Make those connections and be intentional!

3. Take care of your mental health. I added that working out is important for physical health, but mental health is also a big one. Get to know yourself and know when it's time for a break. School can be mentally draining and as much as we wish we could be robots and keep pushing with assignments, homework and studying, we can only do so much! Also, I've talked with a few friends, and they have started with counseling services here on campus and said how helpful it has been for them. Sometimes it can be helpful to just vent your stresses to someone. Simply going and talking with another person that is not a family member or friend can clear your mind and get you on the right track mentally.

4. Eat foods that will help you perform well. We need food to help us learn, grow and function! Eating more fruits, vegetables and protein will keep us fuller longer and make our bodies feel better. I know we have all been told this since we were kids, but it is true. If you eat mostly foods that are high in saturated fat and tons of sugar, you will feel more tired and sluggish (aka our brains will be more tired and sluggish). This doesn't have to be a huge change either; even small changes will make a big difference, promise!

College can be stressful and hectic, but if you take the time to take care of yourself and acknowledge when you need a break, it can be manageable. If you would like more information about scheduling a counseling session (it's free for students!), you can give them all call at 575.562.2211 or visit Counseling Services. Take care of yourself fellow Greyhounds and keep on keepin' on!