4 Ways to Deal with Fatigue

Fatigued student
Feeling overwhelmed? David Aguirre, an ENMU student, shares a four-step plan to handle fatigue.

4 Ways to Deal with Fatigue

As the semester continues, you may realize that you are getting tired quicker and are less productive in your studies. You wake up with the burden of wanting more sleep and become less aware of responsibilities. You start to realize that you aren't doing things as well as you did at the beginning of the semester. Well, that my friend is called fatigue. Here are some of the pointers to handle this affliction, especially since it is midterms week.

Accept Your Current State

Not many of us realize this state of being fatigued, so we keep doing things at a high-pace and don't understand the repercussions. Think about riding a horse. If you were to ride a horse from Los Angeles to New York with no stops in between, at what state will the horse be in? Probably not a very good one. And you won't get very far. It's the same with college. I encourage you to examine yourself and accept that you are a little tired. Quit trying to beat yourself up by going your maximum capacity; we both know that we won't perform like we used to, especially if we push ourselves past our limits.

Take Care of Yourself

This is a big one for me. I focus on my duties more than I do on myself. I put my school-work priorities before myself. Get some rest and eat healthy foods. The season where everyone is getting sick is at hand. Be careful, take it easy and treat yourself. I am not saying to avoid responsibilities; I am talking about real rest. The kind where you take an intentional nap or where you carve out time during your week to spend time on "you" by doing activities that you love.

Lose Old Habits and Gain New Ones

I've noticed that at the beginning of the semester staying up late and hanging out with friends might sound like a good idea. Lose the old habits that are holding you down and create new patterns that will benefit you. Make smarter decisions in your life by saying "no" to things. Don't lose focus. If you need to spend more time studying than binge-watching TV, I encourage you to do that. There might be aspects of your life that you need to take out and replace with something more fruitful. Make those decisions; it's up to you.

Finish Strong

Don't lose hope. Finish the semester strong and strive for success in all of your classes. You might be struggling and feeling like you have weak arms and legs (figuratively speaking) right now but that's okay. I know you can do it.