My Eastern Experience: Creating a Resume with ENMU Counseling and Career Services

student holding resume
Want a picture-perfect resume? David Aguirre, an ENMU student, shares how ENMU Counseling and Career Services helped him do just that!

My Eastern Experience: Creating a Resume with ENMU Counseling and Career Services

I am currently taking a senior seminar class as a graphic design major at Eastern New Mexico University. My professor, Scott Golem, asked us to create a resume for ourselves. Although there are many elements of design that need to be included, there are also logistical and important things aside from graphic design that must be addressed.

My professor brought in a very helpful individual by the name of Melissa Yazzie, a wellness and career counselor from the Office of Counseling and Career Services in the Student Academic Services Building to help us navigate through our resume. She talked about what we should say in our "about me" section and what we should include in our "experience" section so that we market ourselves in a better way to our future employers.

I am glad my professor brought Melissa to our classroom because she offered to critique our resumes if we sent them through email. So I did. She provided detailed feedback through email a few weeks after I sent it. I don't think I have ever received great encouragement and constructive criticism like that before.

She shared a helpful method about being effective in organizing and portraying myself. She recommended the following:

  • The education section should be immediately following a personal statement.
  • Omit high school.
  • Showcase double major by including two entries.
  • If I go on to get a certificate or graduate degree, I need to keep the bachelor's information and copy the format from the bachelor's degree and add the additional education, most recent first.
  • Any accomplishments (GPA, Latin honors, Dean's list, honor societies, etc.), should be mentioned in bullets directly beneath my major.
  • Don't be afraid to show off your academic accomplishments.

She also provided templates in the email to show me what works. I found this to be very helpful in making my resume.

I have never taken the time to seek out all the different services and opportunities that ENMU offers. ENMU Counseling and Career Services aims to provide students with the right tools to succeed, whether that is through academics or with our health and wellness. Having them as a resource is vital to my educational experience.