9 Ways to Achieve Your Goals

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Nkechi Obodozie, a graduate student at ENMU, gives advice on how to stick with your resolutions.

9 Ways to Achieve Your Goals

"For reasons we don't quite understand, soon after you command yourself to pay attention, you forget that you commanded yourself to pay attention" - Edward M Hallowell.

Ever made resolutions and promises to yourself, but failed to follow through? It happens to the lot of us and shows just how faithless we can be, even to ourselves. As students, we want to get some studying done, but often distracted, we fail to achieve that desired level of work.

"Distractions destroy action. If it's not moving you towards your purpose, leave it alone" - Jermaine Riley.

Here are some tips to help you with your resolutions for this year:

  1. Remember "New Year" is just a second, minute, hour, day difference from the old year. Self-reflection should be a routine lifestyle
  2. Be willing to learn and unlearn. Love yourself enough to desire growth in 'self' and work toward its daily achievement. Recall: we should always improve; tomorrow-self should be better than today-self.
  3. Set periodic targets for your dreams and desires. Daily. Weekly. Monthly. Keep to the schedule, re-evaluate periodically and be flexible enough to re-adapt if need be.
  4. Mistakes and failures are as important as successes. Make room for both. They are human-natured and are lessons for each of our lives. Do not berate yourself so much but learn from those important experiences positively.
  5. Keep and flourish your support system: family and friends. Grow, nurture and surround yourself with them. They are the support your heart and mind need for times during the year when joy and sorrow need to be shared and when we need our spirits to be lifted for the next day.
  6. Do not forget the mentors. Be it academic or general life mentors, counselors help set our life-bends straight and pave ways when needed.
  7. Give of yourself. Joy, love, peace and happiness in life are best relished in giving. Make it a year of giving of your time and inherent resources to others, for the blessings always comes back overflowing.
  8. As much as we need people in our lives, do not forget: it is the "right" people. Who inspire and boost us, whose voices lights us up and sets us on track when we slip. Drown the wrong voices and tune up the voices that matter. "Don't let the indecision of others distract you." - Louise Philippe Dulay.
  9. Focus and re-focus. Expect hurdles but do not be pulled away from the course. "There is never a time when new distraction will not show up; we sow them, so several will grow from the same seed." - 

A final quote to consider: "Distraction is a killer of dreams, visions and goals" - Topsy Gift.