10 Items to Invest in for College

Students with computers and water bottle.
Looking to make a wise investment? Shaylee Moon, an ENMU student, shares which items are must-haves for college life.

10 Items to Invest in for College

Buying supplies for college can be overwhelming. What should you buy? What shouldn't you buy? Here's a list of suggestions of items to invest in this semester:

  1. A laptop

    Whether you are doing homework in your dorm room, taking notes during a lecture or working on a group project, having your own computer will make your life much easier. Look for a laptop that has a good amount of memory, a decent-sized display and is lightweight for carrying around in your backpack.

  1. An external hard drive

    With all of the papers, pictures and articles, your computer is going to lose its memory space. An external hard drive will allow you to free up space on your computer, plus it ensures that your information is safe in case your computer fails you.

  1. A sturdy bag

    Carrying your textbooks, notebooks and your laptop all in one bag is not easy, so it is crucial to have a backpack that is durable with comfortable straps. I love Jansport backpacks because they have enough room, they are made of durable material and they have a lifetime warranty.

  1. A water bottle

    Staying hydrated while walking around on campus is vital for good health. Get a sturdy water bottle that you can fill it up at the water fountains on campus, so you don't have to buy a new plastic water bottle every day.

  1. A portable battery

    Whether you're driving, at work or in class, we constantly use our phones which is a drain on the battery. You aren't always going to have the opportunity to go home to charge up, so investing in a reliable portable battery will be a lifesaver.

  1. A mattress topper and cozy bedding

    Waking up refreshed is a necessity for good health and a focused brain. If your mattress is uncomfortable, get an affordable mattress topper. Then simply add fluffy pillows and comfy blankets to maximize your sleep experience.

  1. A pair of comfortable shoes

    You walk from your dorm, to class, to work and back to your dorm, so shoes that will keep your feet from aching are a must. A classic sneaker is always a great choice but look for nontraditional options to keep your closet versatile.

  1. A binder or notebooks

    From taking notes to doing homework, you are going to need somewhere to write down all of that information. Many students opt for one notebook for each class. I prefer one large, cloth binder with dividers and paper in each section which gives me a place to keep all of my handouts and notes. The choice is yours, but don't skip out on this important investment.

  1. A business casual outfit

    You never expect to need a business casual outfit in college, but it is certainly important to have one on hand in case of an interview or an awards banquet. You only need one simple outfit that can be used for multiple occasions to start with then you can build onto it later.

  1. A pair of good headphones

    If you want to block out noises while you study or watch TV while your roommate is sleeping, it's smart to invest in headphones. I love Bluetooth headphones for when I am working out or cleaning, but over-ear headphones are also great for noise canceling and clear audio.