Maximizing Your Student Resources at ENMU

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Make the most of your resources with these tips from Shaylee Moon, an ENMU student.

Maximizing Your Student Resources at ENMU

ENMU: beautiful campus, friendly students and affordable tuition. These attributes likely drew you to choose Eastern for your college education. However, we often forget the other extensive resources that ENMU provides to students. I chose four resources you may have overlooked that ENMU provides to students that you should use today.

1. The Writing Center

You probably heard about the Writing Center in your "Freshman Seminar" class, but you may have already forgotten how useful it is for students. With this resource, you can have staff review your work then they will work with you to make edits to produce a grade a paper. The Writing Center not only offers in-person sessions, they also have a resource where online students can submit their papers. The Writing Center is located in Room 114 in Jack Williamson Liberal Arts Building and is open Monday-Friday with varying hours each semester. You can email them at [email protected] to ask questions or make an appointment.

2. The Math Lab

If math isn't your strongest subject, I can certainly relate to you. I have visited the Math Lab on multiple occasions since I have been at Eastern, which was extremely beneficial to my understanding and grades. The Math Lab is available to any ENMU student who needs assistance in various math subjects. They are open for walk-in appointments during scheduled tutoring hours. You can visit the Math Lab in Room 207 in the Jack Williamson Liberal Arts Building.

3. ENMU Safe Ride

ENMU offers more than academic resources; they also have health and safety programs. Safe Ride is one of these programs, designed to transport students anywhere within the Portales city limits who are in unsafe situations or unable to drive. The program is free to any ENMU student and is provided by drivers who are fellow students. Plus, Safe Ride is always private and 100 percent confidential. ENMU Safe Ride is available from Thursday at 8 a.m. to Monday at 8 a.m.

4. La Casa ENMU Health Services

Unfortunately, we all get sick, especially during this time of the year. Students have a tendency to avoid going to see a doctor, and instead, they attempt to "tough it out" so they don't have to pay for the visit. La Casa ENMU Student Health Services is a free resource that is 100 percent funded by student activity fees. Having a healthy lifestyle is not only crucial to your body, it is a large contributor to academic success. La Casa ENMU Health Services is located in Curry Hall and is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Just call 575.562.2321 to schedule an appointment.