Shopping in College on a Budget

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Shaylee Moon, an ENMU student, shares her money-saving shopping tips.

Shopping in College on a Budget

Being in college and managing your finances is tough. There are a lot of expenses attached to being a college student, and just an adult in general, which means you have to take your wins where you can get them. Below is a list of money-saving ideas when shopping for items you need for college.

Always Have a List

Going shopping with a list is one of the tactics that keep me on track. Anytime I go shopping without a list, I end up buying things I didn't need and forgetting things I did need. Having a list will help you to be responsible and prepared for any purchases you need to make.

Look for Online Deals

Before going to the store, look online to find any sales or deals on items you need. I bought makeup vanity online for much less than I would have spent at a furniture store. While you may have to pay for shipping, you can often find items at a lower price with great quality.

Find Student Discounts

I was surprised by the number of stores that offer an online student discount. Google clothing or home stores that offer student discounts, or use websites like Unidays. You are only a college student for so long, so do not let that college ID go to waste.

Shop at Discount and Thrift Stores

We all love a little discount or thrift store shopping. While these stores are not dependable to get everything you need, there are so many great options for super discounted prices. Whether you are looking for a new wardrobe, furniture or other home goods, these stores are perfect for college students.

Use Coupons

Practically every store offers coupons, and once you start using them, you will never stop. You can sign up for coupon rewards at different stores around town, or look online for any coupons in the area. Also, check with popular coupon sites or reward programs to use when shopping online.

Get Amazon Prime

I LOVE Amazon Prime. They have so many essential items, and with free shipping, they are deals that you cannot pass up. The best part is that college students get Prime for six months free, then discounted by 50 percent for the rest of your college career. Plus, you will get access to TV shows, movies and music offered to Prime members.