College Dorm Essentials

Empty Dorm Room
Dress up your dorm room with a list of essentials from Jordan Spillman, an ENMU student.

College Dorm Essentials

I remember the first time I received my first college acceptance letter. I was ecstatic; I honestly didn't know what to do with myself. I was very overwhelmed, especially because I was excited to go live in the dorms. If you were like me, I am sure that you were thinking of all the different things that you needed in order to make your experience living on your own as great as it could be.

Some college students tend to bring an unnecessary amount of things with them to college; I was almost one of them. With these tips, you can be well prepared when moving to the dorms on your own. Here are my top six essential things to bring to college.

1. Mattress Cover

This is definitely one of those things that should be brought to college. You never know what could have happened to your mattress before you were the one using it. Having a mattress cover will not only make you feel cleaner, but it will also protect you from bacteria and other harmful aspects.

2. Reading lamp

Sometimes your schedule will not align with your roommate, and that's okay. If you have to stay up late at night to get some homework or a quick read in, you can do so without disrupting your roommate's slumber. This will put you in a win-win situation and could possibly disrupt conflict before it takes place.

3. Printer

Depending on when you have assignments due, this can definitely make it or break it when turning in an assignment. Let's say you went to the library to print something, and once you wake up, you realized you made a mistake. Instead of going all the way to the library, you can have your own printer at your disposal. This has saved me multiple times, especially whenever the class takes place early in the morning.

4. Bedding Set/Mattress Topper/Pillows

I am sure you already know this, but you will need to supply yourself with a bedding set. I also recommend picking up a mattress topper due to the beds not being as soft as you might be used to in your own household.

5. Under-bed storage

Whenever you are in a college dorm, you should try and save as much space as possible due to having a roommate. Storing items under the bed will definitely save up as much room as possible.

6. Mini Fridge

Make sure to pick up one of these so that you can store your own food. I recommend placing this under your bed.

Well, there you have it, these were my top six dorm essentials to bring. There are plenty more; these are just some that I would highly recommend on your list.