Great Cafes at ENMU

Bagels at Einstein Bros. Bagels
Jordan Spillman, an ENMU student, discusses three on-campus cafes and what to order when you visit them.

Great Cafes at ENMU

Whenever you're on campus, you can find multiple cafes, and each one of them can satisfy your different food needs. I have been on this campus for three years, and I am never disappointed with the food options. For those of you relatively new to Eastern New Mexico University, I am here to tell you about some great alternate options from the Dining Hall to satisfy your hunger needs.

Here are my favorite go-to options to eat at around campus.

1. Einstein Bros. Bagels in the Golden Student Success Center

This is definitely one of the greatest places to eat on campus. Not just because of the food but mainly because of the availability. This is the only café that is open during night hours. Whenever you are studying in the library, and you need some food to keep your brain powered on, make sure to stop by Einstein Bros. Bagels. They have hot food and pastries, as well as coffee, to keep you wide awake, especially during midterms and finals. I would have to say that my favorite bagel sandwich from here would be the Santa Fe egg white breakfast sandwich; you could say it tastes a bit like New Mexico.

2. WOW Café and Greyhound Café (Starbucks) in the Campus Union Lobby

For those of you that love wings and coffee, make sure to check out the WOW Café. Not only do they have wings: burgers and chicken sandwiches are included as well. There's also a Starbucks combined with it for you coffee lovers. I always keep it traditional and go with wings whenever I find myself at this café. Also, don't forget to try a matcha green tea iced latte from Starbucks.

3. Zime in the Jack Williamson Liberal Arts Building

If you really enjoy breakfast sandwiches or just a nice and hot flatbread sandwich, make sure to stop by Zime. I go here usually whenever I am looking for a nice, hot snack before class. Oh, and did I forget to mention? They sell coffee as well. My top pick for a breakfast sandwich definitely has to be the turkey bacon and ham sandwich.

For those of you coming to Eastern New Mexico University soon, I hope that these options open your eyes and make you want to dive into the different food places available on campus. Also, don't forget to check out the Dining Hall in the Campus Union; that place is great, too!