The Best Places to Study at ENMU

E N M U Campus Cruiser
Jordan Spillman, an ENMU student, shares his favorite on-campus study spots.

The Best Places to Study at ENMU

Almost all of your college courses will require you to study; it's a great way to keep all of the knowledge you have stored in your head fresh and implanted in your memory banks. ENMU offers plenty of different locations that you can utilize.

  1. Golden Student Success Center (GSSC)

    The GSSC, which includes the Golden Library, is a great place to study. There are plenty of places that you can go in the library in order to make studying a success. There are plenty of computers, as well as different types of quiet rooms, so that you are not disturbed when working your mind. There is also a café where you can go to get coffee and hot food.

  2. Campus Union (CUB)

    The Campus Union is a great place to find plenty of things to do, as well as a nice study place. Although it may not be as quiet as the library, it still provides plenty of different resources, including computers, to help you experience great studying. The Greyhound Lounge, located in the basement of the Campus Union, is also a great place to study.

  3. Different department buildings

    For the most part, every building will usually have a place that is unoccupied. If the CUB or GSSC are packed, you can find a nice quiet place in different buildings such as the Education Building, College of Business, Art and Anthropology Building and Jack Williamson Liberal Arts.

  4. Outside

    There are plenty of places around campus that have tables outside. Sometimes in the spring, it's nice to go outside and read a book under a tree. Wi-Fi is pretty much available everywhere on campus, so you won't have much trouble if you decide to do homework and have outside study sessions.

    I hope this blog will help you decide where the best place for you to study is.