Things to Do at ENMU This Fall

E N M U Campus Sign
Jordan Spillman, an ENMU student, previews some events to look forward to this fall.

Things to Do at ENMU This Fall

Finding things to do around your school isn't very hard due to the fact that there are many different organizations on campus that host different events. There are even organizations that are made for the purpose of giving students things to do on a weekly basis. Here is a list of a few things to do while you attend Eastern New Mexico University.

1. Movie Nights

Every once in awhile, there is a possibility of some kind of club or organization, especially the Associated Student Activities Board (ASAB), that will host a movie night, which usually takes place in the Campus Union (CUB) Ballroom. It is a great way to meet different people, as well as watch popular movies. Most of the time, you even get a vote in which movie they pick for the students to watch.

2. Greyhound Lounge

The Greyhound Lounge is an entertainment area made specifically for having fun and hanging out with other students. There are plenty of things to do, which include air hockey, pool tables, arcade machines, darts, video games and more. Whenever my friends and I get done eating lunch or dinner, we usually go down to the Greyhound Lounge until our next class. Make sure to stop by; the Greyhound Lounge is located in the basement of the CUB.

3. Game Tournaments

If you are interested and into gaming, we have an E-sports team at ENMU, and usually, they will host different kinds of gaming tournaments that will most likely take place in the CUB. This is a great way to interact with different gamers, and maybe even introduce you to gaming if that isn't your thing.

4. Cultural Events

Cultural diversity is a big thing here at Eastern. There is a wide range of different students with different ethnicities. Different organizations target some of these groups and end up bringing different events on to campus to show what some of these different cultures have to display or what different traditions that they have.

These aren't the only things to do around campus; just make sure to keep your eyes peeled for different posters and announcements.