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Dr. Matthew Barlow

Dr. Matt Barlow has a BS in Biology from UNM, his MS and PhD degrees from the University of North Texas Health Sciences Center. He came to the Biology Department at ENMU in Fall of 2010 from a post-doctoral position at The Pennsylvania State University. At Eastern Dr. Barlow teaches courses related to human anatomy and physiology. He advises students primarily in the pre-medicine emphasis, and is the faculty mentor for the Caduceus Health Society and Pre-Dental Society. His research interests include the causes and progression of metabolic syndrome, cardiac and vascular physiology, and neurocognitive recovery from concussion. Dr. Barlow also serves on a range of committees from the departmental to university level. He is also active in the community, notably as a little league baseball and basketball coach.

Dr. Kathy Roler Durand

Dr. Kathy Roler Durand specializes in the analysis of animal and human bones recovered from archaeological excavations. Her field work has ranged from Neolithic sites in Cyprus and Jordan to Chacoan and Hohokam sites in the U.S. Southwest. She built her research program at Eastern by collecting and storing a comprehensive comparative collection in a dedicated laboratory. The animal bone comparative collection is an outstanding regional research collection. Dr. Durand's current research focuses on evidence of migration across the prehistoric northern Southwest using human teeth. She also is conducting a long term study into the ritual use of animals at Chacoan sites in northwest New Mexico. She has studied thousands of animal bones from Aztec, Guadalupe, and Salmon Ruins to explore changes in diet and ritual practices through time at these sites. While at Eastern, Dr. Durand has published close to 20 peer-reviewed research articles and chapters in several books and monographs. She regularly presents papers concerning her research at national and regional scientific conferences. Dr. Durand has secured numerous grants from federal and private sources as well as ENMU Internal Research Grants to support her research activities.

Dr. Pattarapong Burusnukul

Dr. Pattarapong Burusnukul started as an assistant professor of marketing in the Fall 2011 semester and has been awarded tenure and promotion to the rank of associate professor in November 2016. He serves as an exemplary educator at ENMU. He is a key member of the College of Business, serving as a member of the graduate committee and chair of the undergraduate curriculum committee. He has served as the faculty advisor for the Hospitality Club and the Business Student Club where he has taken students on field trips to Texas Tech in Lubbock as well as Dallas and helped start the Four Seasons internship program in Santa Fe. At the university level, he has served on the curriculum committee, the HLC committee, the Retention Performance Management committee, the alignment committee for the Golden Student Success Center, the Ad Hoc General Education TaskForce committee, and the presidential search committee, as well as numerous other search committees. He has also volunteered and spoke at various recruiting events on campus and in Thailand. Dr. Burusunukul is a strong example of the quality of faculty we have at Eastern and he is the 2017 Presidential Award winner.

Ms. Opal Greer

Ms. Opal Greer demonstrates her passion and excellence as a teacher in her both her duties as a full-time English instructor and as the Writing Program Director. Students consistently praise Ms. Greer for the way she engages them; in fact, many say they've learned more in one semester of her class than in all their time at high school. With her focus on choice and revision, students learn how to self-identify and build upon their strengths as writers. As one student states, Ms. Greer "shows me that I can do well when I try." As Writing Program Director, Ms. Greer focuses on improving ENMU's retention in all of our freshman composition courses. She has created a mentor program to help new faculty, online instructors, and our graduate teaching assistants. Ms. Greer is a perfect example of the way in which ENMU faculty develop individual relationships with students in order to ensure their success, which is why she is the 2017 Presidential Award winner in Teaching.