Meet New Communication Professor

Meet New Communication Professor

He says that although he has been around the United States and lived in several places, he enjoys the Southwest the most, which is one reason he chose ENMU and Portales as his new home.

Roe attended Baylor University where he received his bachelor's in German and radio-television in 1986 and a Master's in communication Studies in 1988. After that, he attended the University of Georgia and earned his Ph.D. in mass communication in 1998. Before coming to Eastern, he was teaching different mass media classes at East Texas Baptist University.

Roe has focused much of his work on the influences that media has on audiences. He enjoys spending time analyzing what the media is trying to tell the public. He is especially interested in the current political race and how the candidates use the media to reach voters. He is able to share this passion through one of his classes, Power Games: Politics and Media.


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Roe considers himself to be a creative person and when not involved in his studies, indulges in music. In high school he played the trumpet in band and later learned to play piano. He is currently learning to play the guitar.

He also enjoys athletic activities, including running and tennis. And when time allows, he really enjoys watching science fiction and action movies and playing with his two dogs.


New professor Darrell Roe's dog Kimber will be pictured in the 9-30-16 Greyhound Gazette. #ENMU #ENMUNEWS

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He says that he is very pleased with the Portales/Clovis area.

"All the people are extremely helpful and very nice," he says. He hasn't had any trouble with asking questions and finding answers and enjoys the down-to-earth, rural feeling of the area.

Roe looks forward to getting to know the students and faculty at Eastern and is excited to see what the university has to offer.