California Girl Finds Cats and Her Sunshine in Portales

California Girl Finds Cats and Her Sunshine in Portales

Enrollment Services works with students to provide them information about college and scholarships. As recruiters they work with specific high schools to educate them on the admission process. Ms. Sabin says she has really enjoyed working alongside high school counselors and her co-workers.


California Girl Finds Cats and Her Sunshine in Portales. Read about Jessica Sabin in the 9-23-16 Greyhound Gazette. #ENMU #ENMUNEWS

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As a student, Ms. Sabin worked the front desk for the residence halls and as an office assistant in the Advising Center. She graduated from ENMU in 2015 with a bachelor of arts in psychology and a minor in sociology. As a student she was an active member of Chi Omega and the American Association of University Women.

Before moving to Portales to study at ENMU, Ms. Sabin lived in San Carlos, California—where she lived in the same neighborhood until she graduated high school. Growing up Ms. Sabin was an only child until her father remarried and now she has two step-siblings.

Ms. Sabin decided to stay in Portales after graduation because of her boyfriend of two years who she currently lives with. Together they have three "fur babies," two cats and a month-old kitten. Ms. Sabin says that Portales has definitely grown on her.

"Overall, ENMU and Portales has positively contributed to my life. I could not be more thankful for my education, the friends I've made here, and finding my boyfriend," says Ms. Sabin.

Her hobbies include Netflix, Amazon shopping and playing with her cats or any cats for that matter. She has also spent time baking and cooking and is proud to say she has mastered protein muffins.

Ms. Sabin has many career plans for her future, but her ultimate career goal is to become a successful woman. She is not quite sure in what field, but she would like to run or start her own business. She hopes to accomplish her goal of making a difference in other people's lives while still taking care of herself. Ms. Sabin hopes to help people and make a positive contribution to their lives.

"I'm really happy with where my life is and where it is headed," said the hopeful new employee.