ENMU Grad/Author Living in Florida

ENMU Grad/Author Living in Florida

After graduation she worked as a grant writer for the Food Bank of Eastern New Mexico, was the Press Secretary for U.S. Congressman Steve Pearce, and the Communications Director for the Republican Party of New Mexico.

Her most recent accomplishment is becoming Director of Public Relations at Griffin & Associates.

She began working at Griffin & Associates in March of 2014. Originally hired as an account executive her initial role was overseeing client accounts, assisting in creating and implementing marketing plans, public relations plans and social media plans.

"Throughout my two and a half years with the agency, I have progressively taken on additional responsibilities, managed increased client accounts, and expanded my role in the public relations department. My supervisor recognized my attention to detail and dedication to hard work, and I am honored to have been afforded the opportunity to take on additional responsibilities," said Dickerman.

Her new position entails "managing client accounts and ensuring projects are completed on time, on budget, with strategic goals in mind and with client approval, in my new role, I will be responsible for overseeing public relations accounts and creating strategic earned media campaigns."

Dickerman just moved to Pensacola, Florida, to open a new office for Griffin & Associates.

"The move itself was a bit of a trying experience," explained Dickerman. "Twenty-four hours in a car takes its toll on a person. That said, if you've never sold most of your belongings, got in the car, and moved across the country to a totally new place, I recommend it. While New Mexico will always be my home, it's an incredible adventure to be in a land of palm trees and water."

She is excited about the potential to help Griffin & Associates expand to the East Coast.

"On a professional level, it's both humbling and rewarding to have the trust placed in me to help clients in Florida grow their businesses or organizations through targeted public relations and marketing campaigns," said Dickerman.

Prior to moving to Florida, she was living in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

During her time at ENMU she was a President's Ambassador.

"We gave tours, made calls to incoming students and had the opportunity to showcase ENMU to prospective students. It was not only a career builder, but it was also an interactive experience of truly immersing myself into all that the University had to offer," said Dickerman.

She was also involved in the Baptist Student Union and various political organizations.

Some of her memorable moments included "many late-night study sessions in the library with friends, great times in the communications department and in Dr. Dobson's office getting instruction, encouragement and general life advice, conversations with Dr. Strickler in the political science department, and many wonderful memories of the Admission's Office and working as a President's Ambassador.

"Driving the ‘people mover' around campus and showing off ENMU to potential incoming freshmen will always be a highlight of my four years in Portales. My experience at ENMU was incredibly memorable, full of fun and has provided me with both knowledge and life skills to be successful after college," she said in her email.

Her interest in public relations stemmed from her being a "news junkie" and wanting to be a writer.

"Public Relations was the perfect fit to combine both of these pressing interests and to hone my writing skills. I had changed my major a few times looking for the right fit, and the first time I had a class in the Comm. Bilding I found my home and my people," she said.

She loves working in public relations because it changes daily and allows her to write in concise and explanative ways while still maintaining an audience.

"The field is ever-changing, and it's a thrill to be able to help clients communicate their brand, their products, and their messaging. It's also a very rewarding field, and it's great to be able to lend a helping hand in getting important messages out in crisis situations," she explained.

Challenges she has faced throughout her career path included working in high-stress situations, steep learning curves and long hours.

"The field of communications overall can be challenging, as it is changing daily. With the 24-hour news cycle and an audience so saturated by multiple forms of media hitting them all day, every day, it can be a challenge to break through the clutter and grab their attention. It's a field that requires creativity and thinking outside of the box.

"It's also not a true 9-5, as many urgent matters can spring up at any given time. It is definitely worth the extra work, though, and is a field I recommend for anyone looking for a challenge—and a fun, creative avenue of work," explained Dickerman.

She also is a published author; she writes fiction and has several novels.

Most of her family is in eastern New Mexico.

"My parents, Scott and Bett, live in Texico, New Mexico. My little brother, Tanner Dickerman, is continuing the Greyhound tradition and is a freshman at Eastern this year. I know he'll make his mark on the University as well," said Dickerman.

Her advice to anyone thinking about a career in public relations is to "be ready to work hard and think outside of the box. Also, if you're an ENMU student, listen to Dr. Dobson. She knows more about the journalism and public relations world, both of which are very intertwined, than just about anyone I've met. Hone your writing skills, be concise, and learn to take criticism. Overall, have fun with what you do.