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She likes that she will be able to “work in an ever-changing environment, which is the case with business careers as cultures and markets are changing constantly.”

The Business Student Club (BSC) puts these skills into practice through communication and projects that enable learning within their field.

She got involved as Secretary with BSC in fall 2015, after the club had a two-year hiatus.

“Dr. Pattarapong Burusnukul, one of our faculty advisors, was great about reaching out to business students to really get the club going,” said the management major.

Management focuses on “operations within an organization, maintaining consistency of goals and decision making within a firm or specific segment of a firm.”

She was elected president of BSC at the end of spring 2016.

BSC participated in the 2016 Involvement Expo and have provided community service through picking up trash at local parks.

The College of Business offers other concentrations including accounting, agricultural business, applied economics and finance, general business, information systems, hospitality management, marketing and personal financial planning.

“There are wonderful professors that specialize in all of these areas and several of the professors are involved with BSC and attend meetings,” explained Katalinich.

She hopes to add value to future employer’s companies and to positively impact the lives of others after her graduation.

“I intend to be an approachable and effective leader. I plan to get my master’s of business administration to further my education and make my skills more marketable,” she said.

Her dream job is still up in the air, but she wants to work for a company that helps to “improve society or has a positive impact on individuals’ lives.” She has considered being in educational administration, real estate and health services.

BSC has helped her learn to work towards a common goal.

“Much of this takes clear communication, and a positive attitude, just like many job positions in the ‘real world,’” explained the BSC president.

This organization helps students understand how businesses function through site visits and interviews with management.

BSC holds fundraisers for functions within the club, provides community service, inform students of speaker series, and broadcasts potential internship opportunities.

“We hope to serve as a social environment for College of Business students to get to know each other and communicate outside of class,” she said.

This year BSC plans on working with Habitat for Humanity to create a marketing campaign to inform those in need of housing opportunities.

“We are hopeful that the director of Habitat for Humanity will be at our next meeting.”

BSC traveled to Santa Fe’s Four Seasons Hotel and Resort with about 20 members last spring to see how the company functions. Several members of the club received internships with Four Seasons.

“In our experience with Four Seasons, and the interns speaking of the success of the company, they really accentuated that detail to quality matters in everything that happens. I would not have had this opportunity to hear about and see the success that can come with strong, quality ideals from a firm first-hand without my involvement in BSC,” explained Katalinich.

Her involvement at Four Seasons is a memorable moment as a member in BSC. She loved the information that they learned about the operations of Four Season’s firm. BSC had lunch catered to them “which was a fantastic luxury cuisine,” and she got to spend quality time with the other members.

They were dressed professionally and she believes that they represented themselves and ENMU well.

BSC plans to continue its relationship with Four Seasons and is actively pursuing similar organizations as well as potential internships within accounting.

She said that being a part of BSC has fostered a strong relationship between students and their faculty.

“I had met many professors during Business Student Club meetings before I had taken their class, or while I was taking their class. The business faculty often provide great insight into how certain fundraisers or community service can be executed effectively and efficiently, which can transfer to future endeavors in our careers,” said Katalinich.

She would tell those considering going into business that it is a dynamic field that always searches for ways to become successful with products, functions and competitiveness.

“If you’re hungry and want a career that will be ever-changing, business can be the way to go,” said Katalinich.

Business Student Club accepts students of any major or minor.

“Business knowledge can be used in several areas of expertise,” explained BSC’s president.

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