Golden Library Moves into Bernalillo for Next Two Years

Golden Library Moves into Bernalillo for Next Two Years

Students, faculty and staff can find the library located in Bernalillo Hall, the 7-story building behind Guadalupe Hall. The building has previously been used as a dormitory and offices for faculty.

Golden Library Administrative Office Coordinator Charles Reader said that they looked into various options to house the library during the renovation, and Bernalillo fit the University's budget.

Although the library is fully operational, students will notice quite a few differences in the building. As opposed to the original location, the Internet speed is good, said Reader. The area is smaller and provides differently configured space for students to study, and the process to check out books is different.

"The library's books are housed in different areas around campus, so we have to go get the books for the students. We ask the students for their patience," said Reader.

General books and Special Collections are downstairs in the Campus Union Building, journals are in the basement of Bernalillo Hall, and government documents are in Building 625, a warehouse by the president's house. Employees drive a golf cart to retrieve the books for students.

According to the Portales News-Tribune, "[Melveta] Walker said the dormitory was not built for the kind of weight required to hold books on the floor, but they will be able to continue services such as computer use, references, assistance and media services."

Media Services can be found upstairs on floor two, and is fully operational with the change in location. Library Technical Assistant Sherrye Burleson said that students can find open study carrels on the second floor. Also, the Graduate Commons has moved to the first floor of Bernalillo, as well as two smart rooms with interactive media for student use, said Burleson.

She said that the library is open 7:30 am - midnight most week days, but Media Services will close at 10 p.m.

If the final funding is approved in November, the renovation process should take two to three years. Reader said the new library will be a high tech hub for students. The renovation budget includes an upgrade to all technology, furniture, interior design and a larger café.


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