Meet Tyleen Caffrey

Meet Tyleen Caffrey

Q. When did you begin working at ENMU?

This is my first semester.

Q. What does your department do and what are the main duties of your job?

Social Work at ENMU was implemented in Fall, 2002. The BSW program prepares students for entry level generalist practice. Generalist practitioners use a range of prevention and intervention methods to their practice with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities to promote human and social well-being.

Q. What were you doing before you came to ENMU, and what other jobs have you held outside of ENMU?

I recently taught as an adjunct faculty at Pittsburg State University in the social work program. My career extends to various fields of social work including child welfare, mental health, nursing homes, youth programs and military social work. Prior to returning to Kansas I worked at CAFB in the Family Advocacy Program and was the coordinator in the Exceptional Family Member Program. In addition, I am the founder of a nonprofit organization (Monarch Formals) and manage two locations, one in Clovis and the other in Pittsburg, Kansas.

Q. What are your degrees and majors, and what activities did you participate in college?

I received my Bachelors in Social Work at Pittsburg State University with a minor in Music. I was very involved in the music programs including marching band, pep band, jazz band, symphonic band and choir. I received my Master's in Social Work at the University of Southern Mississippi. In addition to being a graduate assistant, I also was the president of the Social Work Club and was a Student Ambassador.

Q. Where were you born, raised, and what was your life like growing up?

I grew up in the heart of Kansas City, Kansas. I moved to rural Southwest Missouri when I was a teen and graduated high school. I attended Pittsburg State University in Pittsburg Kansas where I remained until I married.

Q. Tell us about your own family?

My husband recently retired from the USAF and is now in graduate school at Pittsburg State University. We were stationed at CAFB prior to his retirement for nearly seven years. My oldest is a law enforcement officer in Joplin, Missouri; two of my children attend Pittsburg State University and my youngest is a junior in high school. I have the cutest fur baby with the longest ears named Artie. I am also very close to my Granny.

Q. What are your hobbies?

I have a secondary career in radio and you can hear me on Rooney Moon Broadcasting, often on Mix 107.5. I have twelve years of experience in this field working in Kansas, and New Mexico and briefly with Radio Disney. This is a fun hobby I love AND get paid.

I also have my own DJ business and enjoy emceeing and hosting events. I love photography and I am an avid scrapbooker. I love sports, especially playing softball and volleyball and I enjoying playing my trumpet. I also love to travel. Another hobby of mine is pageantry. I love judging, emceeing and coaching. A fun fact: I currently hold the top tile in the U.S. United Pageant. This national title is a year reign and the national platform is Breast Cancer Awareness.

Q. What is your ultimate career goal?

I plan to pursue my doctorate degree in Social Work. My goal is to teach in higher education.

Q. What gives your life meaning? Besides career goals, what else do you hope to accomplish?

"It takes courage to become who you really are." My goals are to lead a life in the right path and believe to achieve. My dreams will be accomplished through my hard work and dedication.

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