Former ENMU Student Was on 'Breaking Bad'

Former ENMU Student Was on 'Breaking Bad'

"The show was not bad for me. It was like ‘Breaking Good' for me," the father of four said with a laugh. "I didn't get into the entertainment business to get rich or famous. I had achieved a lot before ‘Breaking Bad.'

"I was providing for my family. In 2005, after years of going on comedy tours, I wanted to get back into acting. I wanted to stay home a bit more and be with my family," he explained. "It worked and I'm happy."

The comedian has toured with George Lopez, among many others.

"Comedy is best with a live audience. I love making people laugh," said Quezada, who was voted "Best Local Actor" in 2012 by "Albuquerque the Magazine." "The act is about family. I try to be honest as a comedian," said Quezada, who returned to perform at ENMU in 2014.

"I spent three years as a student at ENMU. It was a great experience with great people and great professors. It was a good introduction to life," explained the five-time recipient of the New Mexico Hispanic Entertainers Association Comedian of the Year award. "I learned a lot and increased my skill set. I became a writer, which made my transition to stand-up comedy easier.

"I suggest ENMU to people. You don't get lost like you do at larger universities. You're going to get a quality education without owing a lot of money," continued Quezada. "I had plenty of support there.

"I want everyone to know that no matter what university you go to, it's about what you do with the education you get there. ENMU helped me get to the point where I wanted to be in this business," he said.

Quezada was elected to the Albuquerque school board for the District 5 seat on the city's west side in February 2013.

"I sit on the board to prepare students for higher education," explained the director of "Actor's Core," a Youth Development Incorporated (YDI) program that teaches children about the film and television trade.

"I'm very involved in every aspect of my life," said Quezada, who participated in a celebrity charity softball game that raised over $10,000 for YDI in 2011. "It's who I am."

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