ENMU Names Spirit of Eastern Award Winners

ENMU Names Spirit of Eastern Award Winners

Judy Privett

One of the advantages of working at ENMU is the opportunity to work with colleagues who are passionate, helpful, organized and always smiling. This recipient fits this description perfectly. Her desire to support her department, colleagues, work-study students, and all of the other faculty/staff in the building is always evident. Her willingness to help students – on-campus and at a distance – staff, faculty, and community members extends to anyone who comes into the department. Even when they need something unrelated to her immediate responsibilities, she is always ready to lend a helping hand. What better way to go out on top than to receive this award? From the Office of Distance Learning, Spirit of Eastern Recipient Judy Privett.

Barbara Senn

While our next recipient is classified as "part time," she does the job of a full-time employee with great efficiency and good spirits. Every day, she demonstrates her work ethic, her dedication to students, and her commitment to her department and the University. She goes above and beyond the expectations of her job every day – always willing to assist faculty and students with anything that should arise – and her organizational skills and creative ideas enhance every task she performs on campus. She also shows tremendous initiative, finding solutions to problems in the daily running of the department, allowing faculty and students to focus on the business of teaching and learning. Supportive, informative, patient and responsive to students, this recipient contributes significantly to the success of her department, its faculty and the students of ENMU. From the Department of Anthropology and Applied Archeology, Spirit of Eastern Recipient Barbara Senn.

Hermelinda Sanchez

An employee for more than 25 years, this recipient leaves no doubt she is passionate about her job and a dedicated employee of Eastern, willing to go the extra mile to ensure her buildings are safe, clean and comfortable. She is always up for a challenge and is the first person to respond to emergency clean-up needs and to step forward when volunteers are needed to cover special events. You'll hear her give every student she meets a friendly greeting. With her positive attitude and tremendous work ethic, she's a role model for other employees. Someone with 25+ years working at her job who is still able to maintain a positive attitude and work hard each and every day can only be described as ... an award-winner. From the Physical Plant, Spirit of Eastern Recipient Hermelinda Sanchez.

Lee Quick

The next recipient devotes endless hours to providing efficient customer service to the University community and external entities while safeguarding the fiscal and physical assets of ENMU. He is the man behind the scenes who ensures annual inventories are completed, while working hard to prevent any disruption to day-to-day operations of campus departments. He works hand-in-hand with his student employees to build solid career skills which future employers will be looking for. He is the "force" behind ENMU's on site and online auctions and the reason for their success. This recipient works hard to ensure obsolete inventory is disposed of to recover some value and to maximize warehouse space for other pressing needs. He cares about Eastern and its success, not only in his job, but also as a supporter of Eastern athletics; he has been known to take vacation time to cheer on the various Eastern sports such as basketball, soccer and softball. It is safe to say he bleeds green. From the Inventory Department, Spirit of Eastern Recipient Lee Quick.

George Crawford

Employees who truly love their jobs regularly go above and beyond its expectations, and it is safe to say that this recipient does just that – whether working with students or representing the University. His proven track record of involvement in campus committees, student success initiatives and interdepartmental relations demonstrates the support for ENMU's educational mission. He represents the University through his work with the Department of Anthropology and Applied Archeology, Blackwater Draw Museum and site, the Portales community, and other civic-minded commitments. Very often, his job extends well past the normal work day and work week, including weekends, to accommodate visitors to the archaeological site during off seasons. Wherever he goes, he exemplifies integrity, professionalism and responsiveness to campus and community. From the Department of Anthropology and Applied Archeology, Blackwater Draw Site director, Spirit of Eastern Recipient George Crawford.

Reta Neal

The commitment and dedication this recipient shows for Eastern goes far beyond her department. Not only did she earn her degree from ENMU but so did her husband and children. She supports many activities across campus from fundraising banquets to athletic events and cultural celebrations, and volunteers for pledge drives and guest lecturing for freshman seminar classes. She is a hands-on director who spends many hours working with students, not only the ones that come into The Alley, but also those she knows all over campus. You will never see her turn any student away – which means she often works late into the night to get her own work done. The College Success Program is evidence of her hard work to make that program and its students successful. From the TRiO College Success Program, Spirit of Eastern Recipient Reta Neal.