ENMU Football Players Run Radio Show

ENMU Football Players Run Radio Show

For many college students, "current events" is not a topic of interest. It is, however, the passion of three Eastern New Mexico University football players.

For Conner Gaskins, Rick Ornelas, and Austin Patterson, current news seems to be fading to the shadows of our society's technology-based world. No longer do people find an interest in what is happening in America or overseas.

These students felt as though it is time that the people of ENMU be woken up from the depths of social media and reality TV and be brought to life with their new current events radio show: The Politically Incorrect Truth (The PIT)- A New and Improved Way of Bringing News.

Earlier this week Gaskins broke down the basics of The PIT.

"The Pit was something that was created to inform our peers of current news," stated Gaskins "When most people look at the news, they tend to pay attention to one source. As The Pit we wanted to broaden ENMU student's views and show them news through a variety of different news sources."

Gaskins felt that as society evolves, social media has become the main source for getting the latest news—which seems to be an inconvenience to society as a whole. The PIT knew it was time for a change.

With The Pit, Eastern college students are given an energetic show that not only provides a place to hear about the latest news throughout the world, but also gives them different outlooks of certain events.

The Pit aired for the second time on Sept. 19. In the hour of their show, they quickly and efficiently broke down the topics of the presidential campaign, Syrian refugees and the never-ending issue of war.

As Gaskins stated, the show was well balanced with information from multiple sources creating solid information.

Although a lot of the issues brought forth in the show are usually known to create heavy air, the football players focused on creating a light mood, making it easy to enjoy the show.

In his interview, Gaskins wanted to ensure that The PIT was a place for the ENMU students to come together as a community.

On the field Gaskins, Ornelas, and Patterson work hard to make a difference, but now they have taken their hard work and intelligence from under the lights and into The PIT with the ENMU Community.