My Time at the New Greyhound Stadium

My Time at the New Greyhound Stadium

The loud roar of a full stadium filled the air as the Eastern New Mexico University Football team prepared for their take down of the Western New Mexico University Mustangs.

As I entered the new Greyhound Stadium, it was as if I was consumed by a sea of people. Every open space seemed to disappear within seconds. After walking up and down the stairs for a good ten minutes, I realized that every seat was taken. The only space left to venture was out on the grass behind the field goal away from all the action.

Although I was disappointed of my view of the event, I still couldn't help but get excited for what awaited. After finally finding a spot to sit down on the grass, the game was ready to begin. As usual, the game started with the young, energized greyhound puppies participating in the Greyhound Sprint.

I have been at Eastern for three years and still I lose my breath every time I see our dogs run. Little did I know that Vic and Tory would only be the beginning to this breathtaking moment.

As soon as the Hound Handlers controlled the excited puppies, fog began to fill the air and the chant of our win-hungry football players consumed the crowd. I could see the team shift from one foot to the next at a steady beat, each man beneath his mask ready and focused on his target.

As I watched each player get quicker with his steps I realized it was as if every hour of sweat and pain that this team had endured in the weeks preparing for this game was finally being released.

The crowd roared in demand for the game to begin. It seemed like ages as we waited for Western New Mexico to finish their jog to their sideline.

Finally, as the last of the purple stepped onto the field, a cannon roared and a swarm of ENMU green shot through the Eastern flag and onto the field.

ENMU was ready for their first victory game in the new Greyhound Stadium and I was ready for an experience of a lifetime.