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Eastern New Mexico University students, faculty and staff discuss how to make the most of the semester.
Eastern New Mexico University students, faculty and staff discuss how to make the most of the semester.

Eastern New Mexico University students, faculty and staff discuss how to make the most of the semester.

chloe barrickChloe Barrick
Student and Graphic Designer for Communication Services

I’ve been a student worker for two years. It is nice to be a student worker because it is not as stressful as having an off-campus job. On-campus jobs work with your schedule and work load. It is nice to be off on weekends to do whatever you want.

post office staffDeanna Bocanegra
Post Office Manager

If the Post Office could offer box holders one piece of advice, it would be to make sure that all incoming mail and packages are addressed with your name and box number. We receive hundreds of letters and packages each day, and if it is missing either a name or a box number, our office has to lookup each mail piece one-by-one in our database. By ensuring it has the correct name and box number, you can avoid delays in receiving mail to your box.

patricia dobsonDr. Patricia Dobson
Associate Professor of Communication

Treat your classes the same way that you would treat a job. Get everything that you can from your classes, your teachers and your peers. You’re setting the groundwork for your future, so show up and participate.

office of campus lifeOffice of Campus Life

Get involved in an organization. Getting involved helps you to make friends and meet people, and keeps you invested in a community.

gabriel ruizGabriel Ruiz
Student and Office Assistant of African American Affairs

One tip I would recommend for upcoming freshman would be to always stay on top of your work because things get can a little crazy sometimes. Also, make sure to enjoy every second of college because it is a once in a lifetime experience.

eddy hall staffAnnabelle Rangel
Student and RA/Housing and Residence Life Staff

Don’t set off the fire alarm! Standing in the rain at midnight is not fun.

Get to know your RA’s in the dorm. We are here to help you with basic needs and dorm life functions.

enmu police departmentBradley Mauldin
Chief of Police

If you see something, say something. Public safety is a shared responsibility that requires a community effort. Take an opportunity to get know your university police officers. They can be a valuable resource and they have a vested interest in you and your safety.

financial aid student workersOffice of Financial Aid

We have many tips for students:

Do your FAFSA early because financial aid is first come, first serve. Apply for scholarships early, and wait until you receive a scholarship before applying for student loans.

We will contact you through your ENMU email address, so check your email. Also, check your portal for your award information.

Come by Financial Aid in SAS 107 to pick up a brochure full of practical tips.

health services buildingHealth Services

We offer free STD checks and condoms. No need to ask for condoms at the front desk, they are in the waiting room. Students can come by anytime to pick them up. Visit us in Curry Hall, across from the Administration Building.

abigail pinoAbigail Pino
Editor of "The Chase"

As you remain focused on your goals, remember to take breaks. Set aside time for family, friends, chocolate, meditation, SLEEP, or new adventures. Take care of yourself and look out for one another.