Assistant Professor of Management Acclaims ENMU's Focus on Student Success

Dr. George Kurian
Dr. George Kurian

Assistant Professor of Management Acclaims ENMU's Focus on Student Success

"I was attracted to my position at Eastern because of the focus on overall student success, as well as the combination of traditional teaching and modern technology to provide students with a unique learning experience," says Dr. George Kurian, an assistant professor of management at Eastern New Mexico University.

Dr. Kurian teaches "Production and Operations Management" courses. His undergraduate version, BUS 330, focuses on the fundamental concepts in the field of operations management, such as forecasting, capacity management and inventory management. His graduate course, MGT 530, views the concepts of production and operations in greater depth as students apply the ideas in the form of case analyses.

"One of my main goals at ENMU is to grow the course offerings in production and operations management. I want to contribute to the growth and development of the MBA program. I love imparting my knowledge to students and contributing to the advancement of the College of Business by participating in different committees," states Dr. Kurian.

Dr. Kurian received his bachelor's degree in technology with an emphasis in mechanical engineering from Mahatma Gandhi University in India. He obtained both his master's degree and his doctorate from the University of Texas at Arlington. His master's degree is in business administration with an emphasis in operations management, while his doctorate is in business administration with an emphasis in management science.

Before moving to Portales, Dr. Kurian was a graduate teaching assistant and lecturer at the University of Texas at Arlington. Most recently, Dr. Kurian was an assistant engineer in the construction industry in Qatar and business analyst of information technology in Missouri.

"After completing my undergraduate degree and working in the field of supply chain management, I wanted to enrich my knowledge in the field of business administration, specifically in the field of operations and supply chain management," explains Dr. Kurian. "My technical knowledge, along with my experience, were found to be a great fit in pursuing research in the field of operations and supply chain management."

Currently, Dr. Kurian is conducting research on business administration. He says, "My research on business administration is diverse, varying from the field of behavioral operations management to supply chain management to the use of textual analytics techniques. During my career as an academic researcher, I have designed and conducted lab experiments, conducted surveys and analyzed large datasets to generate meaningful insights."

The professor is involved in numerous business organizations and events. He has been a member of Beta Gamma Sigma since being inducted in 2013 at the University of Texas. He is a member of the Decision Sciences Institute and the Production and Operations Management Society. He received the "Lawrence Schkade Endowed Fellowship" in 2018.

In his free time, Dr. Kurian enjoys playing basketball and racquetball, watching movies and traveling. His favorite locations that he has visited are Thailand, Sri Lanka and the United Arab Emirates. He also considers himself to be an expert in different cuisines. He speaks three languages fluently and two languages semi-fluently.

Dr. Kurian's parents live in India, where his father is happily retired. He has an older sister who works as a financial analyst in Northeastern America.