Samuel Coronado
Samuel Coronado

The passing of Bond C on Nov. 3 means Eastern New Mexico University would receive $8 million to complete the renovation of Roosevelt Science Center, which will provide innovative classrooms and research facilities for STEM-H related fields and new locations for the Miles Mineral Museum and Gennaro Natural History Museum. Other features include a water purification system for labs, upgraded Wi-Fi hot spots, open, day-lit and energy-efficient space, updated electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems and full compliance with all facets of ADA accessibility requirement.

Samuel Coronado, a junior pursuing a bachelor's degree in biochemistry with minors in Spanish and mathematics, discusses the renovation:

What are your career goals, and how will the renovation of the Roosevelt Science Center prepare you to achieve them?

I aspire to be in the medical field, as an anesthesiologist or a neurologist, but I am in love with research at the moment. The Roosevelt Science Center is a collective embodiment of the science departments, not only chemistry or biology, but of all sciences, from fishery science to pre-med. The renovation will help staff create a higher functioning learning environment for students to be immersed in the culture of science and higher academics.

Which feature of the renovated Roosevelt Science Center are you looking forward to the most?

I look forward to the change of scenery regarding the museum the most. The museum provides jobs and research opportunities for students, while being an engaging environment for non-STEM people and visitors to experience science. This place is full of learning, yes, but to a person who does not see the background music, they will still appreciate the surrounding environment as artistic and creative.

What would a renovated Roosevelt Science Center mean to you?

As a person of altruism, I only wish for others to succeed and experience the purpose that Eastern provides; while dedication is an integral aspect of learning, having the resources to propel yourself into a prosperous future will benefit you immensely. The renovation to myself means I have done my part for future students; even if only one student benefits from the change, my decision to be a part of this will be paid off. The renovation is inevitable, as far as 'when' is a discussion we can have today to help the students of tomorrow.

Absentee voting began on Oct. 6, early voting starts on Oct. 17 and Election Day is Nov. 3. For more information, visit