The Greyhound Guide to Dawg Days 2021

We can't wait for Dawg Days!
We can't wait for Dawg Days!

The Greyhound Guide to Dawg Days 2021

Welcome to Eastern New Mexico University! To kick off your Eastern Experience, you'll take part in Dawg Days 2021. We're here to answer all of your Dawg Days questions, so stick around to learn all the details!

What is Dawg Days?

Dawg Days is a new student orientation held at ENMU every fall. It is a series of programs and events designed to help you prepare for college life, in and out of the classroom. Student leaders guide you through a fun-filled weekend of academic and entertainment programs. This year's theme is E-Sports!

When and where is Dawg Days 2021?

Dawg Days will be hosted on campus from Saturday, Aug. 14, through Monday, Aug. 16.

What is the schedule for Dawg Days?

This is our favorite part! Dawg Days 2021 is packed full of awesome activities. Here's a sneak peek of the day-by-day schedule:

Saturday, Aug. 14

Move-in and check-in, 8 a.m.–5 p.m., Guadalupe/Curry/Eddy/Campus Union (CUB): We have good news for move-in day: you don't have to worry about carrying all of those heavy boxes full of decorations, textbooks and dorm supplies. We have ENMU students, faculty and staff who will take your boxes to your room for you. How cool is that?

Family Community Fair/Barbeque/Pep Rally, 5 p.m., CUB Dallan Sanders Memorial Plaza: See what the community has to offer. There will be tables set up on the lawn from local businesses, restaurants and mroe giving away information or merchandise. During this time, there will also be a barbeque catered by Sodexo on the patio. Your family and friends are welcome to join in.

Get ready for performances from the Greyhound Sound Band and the Spirit Squad during the pep rally. There are games for you and your parents, with a chance to win some cool prizes. You will get to hear from our ENMU President Dr. Patrice Caldwell and some of our coaches.

Entertainment, 9–11 p.m., CUB Dallan Sanders Memorial Plaza: Time for a paint party! Wear some clothes you don't mind making extra colorful. (P)ain't that great?

Sunday, Aug. 14

Brunch, 10 a.m.–1 p.m., CUB Crossroads Café: Stop by for an egg-cellent start to your day!

Welcome One, 1 p.m., CUB Ballroom: Time to get introduced to your Dawg Days team! There will be counselor-provided entertainment, along with speeches by the president, the chief of police and more. There will also be more games, with the chance to win even more prizes.

Counselor Time, 2 p.m., Outdoors: Follow the leader! You'll join up with your team counselors and team, which is based on your name tag color, to learn the Fight Song. After some team-building games, you'll take part in a competition between all of the teams.

Student Organization Fair, 4 p.m., CUB Dallan Sanders Memorial Plaza: Meet the members of our campus organizations to learn about what each group has to offer. This is a great chance to find groups that are perfect for you!

Dinner, 6 p.m., CUB Campus Crossroads: Grab a bite to eat with all of your new Greyhound friends.

Entertainment, 8 p.m., CUB Ballroom: Prepare for a magical evening featuring a performance from Derek Hughes, a talented magician.

Monday, Aug. 16

Breakfast, 7:30 a.m., CUB Crossroads Café: Kickstart the final morning of Dawg Days with the most important meal of the day.

Welcome Two, 9 a.m., CUB Ballroom: You'll get information about day three of Dawg Days before hearing from some campus groups. There will be games and prizes, too!

Capture the Greyhound, 10 a.m., starts at CUB Ballroom: Explore the ENMU campus with your fellow freshmen and counselors. You'll stop at several important buildings to learn about their resources.

Lunch, Noon, CUB Crossroads Café: Refuel after your campus journey before an event-packed afternoon.

FYEX Seminar, 2 p.m., starts at CUB Ballroom: Your team captains will take you to your FYEX seminar class based on the sticker you received during check-in on move-in day. You'll meet your teacher and the Greyhounds taking that class. Make sure to sit near the front!

Educational Program, 4 p.m., CUB Ballroom: What's next? Find out the topic of the event by attending.

Dinner, 6 p.m., CUB Crossroads Café: Enjoy another meal at the CUB before the final Dawg Days event.

Awards/Entertainment, 8 p.m., CUB Ballroom: Crack up at hilarious jokes from Jenny Zingrino, a comedian who has made appearances on Conan and Comedy Central.

We can't wait to see you at Dawg Days 2021! Follow ENMU Dawg Days on social media and visit the Dawg Days webpage for more information.