Eastern New Mexico University Receives 16.6 Million from State Legislature for Campus Improvements

Eastern New Mexico University Receives 16.6 Million from State Legislature for Campus Improvements

Portales, NM – March 22, 2024 – Eastern New Mexico University received $16.6 million from the state legislature for campus improvements from the 2024 legislative session.

“We are grateful for the support we received from this legislative session and our elected officials' investment in higher education,” said James Johnston, ENMU Chancellor. “Although this total represents support received for the Portales campus only, I want to thank all involved system-wide for working with me to advocate for all three campuses. We all benefit when we work together.”

“Secondly, I very much appreciate the efforts of Senator Nibert, Representative Zamora, and Representative Reeb for working together on our behalf,” continued Johnston. “The support we receive will benefit our students and our region for years to come.”

The largest amount of the total was $12 million dollars, which was awarded to ENMU to help continue the construction of the new Student Academic Services Building, which is slated to break ground later this year.

Other campus improvements include.

  • $400,000 for Advanced Center for Speech-Language Therapy and Audiology Training, Research, and Clinical Services. This investment is for equipment to enhance student training and expand clinical services for the community to include comprehensive diagnostic pediatric audiology services and diagnostic and intervention services for adult patients with severe communication and motor impairments.
  • $332,000 Expanding STEM training and Research: for equipment to expand student training, faculty, and student research and enhance competitiveness for federal grant funding.
  • $300,000 TV Signal Router for KENW for broadcast-level production upgrades.
  • $200K for Programmatic & Operational Costs for Portales & Roswell Campuses
  • $2 million for the 2024 General Obligation Bond.
  • $4 million for I & G funds.

Since 2001, ENMU has invested more than $250 million in campus improvements to help continue to improve our campus and support student success. To view the Campus Master Plan, which shows the long-term view of continuous campus improvements going into the future, visit enmu.edu/MasterPlan.