The Comic Book Stand: Vol. 2, Issue #26, Firestorm

The Comic Book Stand: Vol. 2, Issue #26, Firestorm


His first series was canceled abruptly in a company-wide cutback, known as the “DC Implosion” with issue #5 being the last distributed and #6 included in the Cancelled Comic Cavalcade.

This wasn’t Firestorm’s ending though, he was soon added to the roster of the Justice League of America. This led to a series that ran in the back of The Flash.

The revival of his monthly comic began in 1982 with The Fury of Firestorm. It lasted from ’82-90.

The original Firestorm was distinguished because of his duel identity. High school student Ronnie Raymond and a Nobel Prize winning physicist Martin Stein were in a nuclear accident that allowed them to “fuse” with the nuclear man. Stein was unconscious during the attack; Raymond was not which is why he had more control over Firestorm.

Stein was originally unaware of their duel identity which left him concerned about his unusual disappearances and blackouts. However, Raymond was able to convince him of the truth which allowed them to bond.

His powers include the ability to rearrange atomic and subatomic structure of inorganic matter, rearranging subatomic particles to create objects of different atomic characteristic of equal mass. He can not only change the atomic structure but also its physical shape.

He cannot affect organic matter without a painful, potentially lethal, feedback.

All of Firestorms alterations are permanent unless he reverses them.

He also has the ability to fly, render himself intangible to be able to pass through solid objects, can generate destructive blasts of fusion energy from his hands, absorb radiation, and has superhuman levels of strength.

He has been portrayed most recently in the CW series The Flash with Robbie Amell playing Raymond and Victor Garber as Stein.