Eduardo Garcia chose Eastern New Mexico University to be close to home while earning college degrees in electronic engineering technology and industrial mathematics.

He was born to Humberto and Irma Vega in California, and raised in Idaho, where his parents worked as dairy farmers. His parents heavily influenced his academics by teaching him the value of hard work.

“They taught me to work hard, take care of my siblings and make goals for myself to succeed,” he said.

The double major graduated from Portales High School in 2016.

He enjoys the “nice people” on the ENMU campus, particularly in the math department.

“There is never a dull moment,” he said. “All of the professors and the secretary are interesting people to talk to and get along with. I've noticed they help us as students as much as they can and keep us informed.”

Eduardo rents a home in Portales, New Mexico, where he “finds himself very comfortable” while attending courses.

For fun, he likes to solve puzzles and math problems with his girlfriend. He also enjoys playing board games, listening to music and feeling productive.

He expects his degree from Eastern to get him a job and into graduate school. He plans on one day attaining a doctorate degree in math, which he will use to improve researchers’ knowledge in the fields of math and science.

The math major wants to learn as much as he can and master his skills.

“I ultimately plan to master my career, continue to learn throughout my life and practice that knowledge for the rest of my career,” he said.

Math makes him feel passionate about his future.

“I feel like everything in the world is mathematical and without it, life would be mysterious and would not make sense,” he said.

His loved ones motivate him to pursue his dreams because they “give him a greater purpose,” especially his family, girlfriend and his girlfriend’s family.

“I'm thankful for these people that surround me, they all inspire to pursue a brighter future to make a better tomorrow,” he said.

Eduardo recommends ENMU to future students “because it's a good learning environment as well a good social environment.”