Student Displays His Passion to People Through Music

Student Displays His Passion to People Through Music

Bailey is currently an audio technician at Faith Christian Family Church in Clovis, New Mexico.

"My degree is contributing really well toward my career," he said.

Bailey chose ENMU because "ENMU is a smaller campus so everyone is close and the classes are really personal with professors and there is a special relationship you would not be able to have if you went to a bigger campus. The
band hall is named after my great grandfather, Floren Thompson Jr., so there is a family legacy at this school that I was so honored to be a part of.

"Getting to be in the band room where he taught for many years and learn music there is such an amazing thing."

Bailey says his professors are "amazing. My piano professor, Dr. John Olsen, is also my advisor and it is great how much he, and my other teachers, care about me and my success--not just making the school great."

He would recommend ENMU because "you can meet diverse people, have contact with your professors--more than just email--and have a voice in what the school does--all for an amazing experience that won't leave you with crippling

The 2014 Portales High School graduate, the son of Marea and Franklin Smith, is the oldest of four siblings. Growing up he was surrounded by music, and "that's pretty much been my best hobby since I was 8."

His most passionate hobbies are playing guitar and piano, and producing music.

Bailey eventually wants to write music for a church or organization.

"I am passionate about music making an impact on people, and I really believe music that comes from your heart and is really for the people you serve is far greater than just singing other peoples' heart and their passions."

Bailey thinks the most important thing in his life is "being a little more like love every day. There is so much pain in the world and everybody goes through it at some point in their life. I want to show people that there is
so much more to life than what they are going through in whatever situation they are in the middle of.

"I would not say music is my passion, but I would confidently say that music is how I choose to display my passion to people."