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Sida Yang
Sida Yang recommends ENMU to future students because it is a “good place to focus on your personal growth."

“I’ve always wanted to study abroad to gain more experience,” said Sida Yang, who will graduate in May.

Sida grew up in Tianjin, China, and graduated high school from Haihe Senior. She has always been very close with her parents, Yuanfan Yang and Xiaolan Lin.

“They help and support me no matter what happens,” she said.

She hopes to apply what she learns in marketing to help her father’s business back home.

It can be difficult for international students to graduate in a two-year time span, according to Sida, especially if they choose a major they haven’t studied in their home country.

“I’ll have to put incredible effort to achieving my goal,” she said.

The 21-year-old takes classes on campus and loves the help and guidance she has received from her advisor, Dr. Sue Stockly.

“She gives me many useful suggestions. No matter when I stop by her office, she is willing to help me,” Sida said.

The marketing major has been on the Dean’s List three consecutive semesters. She has earned a scholarship and was invited to join the Delta Mu Delta Honor Society.

She loves watching Marvel films in her free time, and wants to work for them.

“I dream about being one of the employees for Marvel films one day,” she said.

A memorable part of Sida’s experience in the U.S. was earning her driver’s license. She learned to drive from one of her best friends.

She recommends ENMU to future students because it is a “good place to focus on your personal growth, not just study. It is a quiet place where you can think and enjoy your personal time.”

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